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G.R. Anderson Jr. Death News: Beloved Resident Of Minneapolis MN, Talented Writer and Musician, G.R. Anderson Jr Passed Away

G.R. Anderson Jr. Death News: Beloved Resident Of Minneapolis, MN, Talented Writer and Musician, G.R. Anderson Jr Passed Away

G.R. Anderson Jr., a gifted writer and musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota, regrettably passed away.

His devoted family will always mourn him when he passes away. An official Facebook post confirming his death said, “RIP, Gr Anderson Jr….” This past weekend saw the passing of a wit, singer, writer, and dark intellect with wicked talent.

To a particular group of Orono High School students from the late 1980s, he will always be Jerry Memoman—the guy with the boundary-pushing Top Ten lists that almost got him expelled. He would probably be furious that I dug out the yearbook.

G.R. was an experienced professional with a broad history in a number of different sectors.

After completing his studies at Drake University and the Colombia Journalism School, he attended Orono High School.

As a semi-professional pitcher for the Eau Claire Owls, G.R. displayed his athleticism prior to entering the fields of journalism and broadcasting.

His future endeavors were paved with discipline and teamwork qualities from this event, which would come in very handy later in his career.
G.R. was a gifted communicator who loved sharing his knowledge outside of the baseball diamond.

He made a name for himself as a renowned writer by penning articles for magazines like BringMeTheNews, City Pages, and MinnPost.

He gained popularity and a devoted following because of his perceptive writing and well-written pieces.

G.R. made a smooth transition to broadcasting and established himself as a well-known voice on the radio.

He frequented the studios of “myTalk” 107.1, WCCO, and KSTP AM-1500 as a co-host and on-air personality, charming audiences with his charm and wit. G.R. was not satisfied to limit his professional options; in addition, he contributed his knowledge and skills as a professor.

He taught future journalists at the IPR College of Creative Arts, Hamline University, and the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications.