Former WWE Wrestler Mike Halac Obituary News- Mike ‘Mantaur’ Halac Dead At 55

Former WWE wrestler Mike Halac has reportedly and suddenly passed away at the age of 55, whose death is recorded as a sudden a painful one. May his soul rest in peace.

The former WWE wrestler has famously competed as Mantaur in the ’90s, he was well known for his strength and fame. May his soul rest in peace.

The wrestler’s death was made known to the public by his beloved daughter, Demi, on her personal Facebook page on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

She stated that “He went peacefully in his sleep. He’s no longer in pain.”

“This really hit home to lose my father, he will forever be in my heart and many others. I love you dad. Make the skies beautiful for me.”

The 90’s wrestler got debuted as Bruiser Mastino for the Catch Wrestling Association in the early 1990s before joining the World Wrestling Federation as Mantaur, a role based on the mythical half-man/half-beast Minotaur character, which was fitting for his 400-pound frame.

Befpore his sudden and painful death, the famous wrestler had made it known to the public about is state of heart, as he bravely battled with diabetes before it finally overpower him as he continued to compete in the ring until 2019, until his final retirement.

He will be greatly missedc by hi loved ones and family. Ma they e strengthened to bear the lost. May his soul rest in peace. Feel free to send in your condolences