Former Memphis Detective Mark LeSure Death; Woman Charged With Robbing Dying Man In Driveway

Mark LeSure, who used to be a police officer in Memphis, was found dead in his yard on Sunday. Police say that a woman has been charged with stealing his wallet and phone while he was dying.
Police say that a Tennessee woman stole from a retired Memphis police officer who died after collapsing in his yard.

Online court records say that Shuntae Daniels, who is 27 years old, was charged with aggravated robbery, identity theft, and property theft on Tuesday.

Mark LeSure, who was 57, died, and his neighbors, friends, and the police all felt bad about it. He worked for the Memphis Police Department for 24 years, and his last job there was as a murder detective. He then left the force.

His death is being looked into by the police, but they haven’t said how he died yet.

His aunt, Rose LeSure-Jones, told WREG-TV on Sunday that LeSure “was lying face down in the driveway when we got there.” “I don’t know what it was, but he didn’t deserve this. He didn’t do it. He was a good guy. He really is one of the good guys.”

An affidavit for an arrest order says that Daniels told police that she and Daniels had gone to his house with Daniels on Sunday morning. The statement says that the two got into a fight, and she asked LeSure for gas money. He went inside his house and came back with $10, the document says.

The statement says that LeSure then passed out near his car, and Daniels told police she went into his house, got his Samsung phone and his wallet with $100 in cash, and then walked back outside, went through his pockets, and picked up the $10 that had fallen on the ground.

The document says that Daniels later used LeSure’s phone to send $1,500 to herself. She then used the money to buy shoes and get her hair and nails done.

She is being held at the Shelby County women’s jail, and online court records show that she hasn’t said how she feels about the charges against her. The records show that a preliminary hearing has been set for July 28.