FIRST RAMADAN WITH HABIBI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Fadilat

First Ramadan with Habibi” is a well-crafted and engaging love novel that will appeal to readers who are interested in exploring the complex emotions and cultural traditions of the Hausa people. With its vivid descriptions of food, romance, and religious observances, it offers a glimpse into a fascinating and vibrant world that will leave readers wanting more.


The story revolves around a young woman, who is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Habibi, and is looking forward to spending her first Ramadan with him. The novel offers a vivid portrayal of the joys and challenges of romantic love, as well as the cultural practices and religious traditions of the Hausa people.

The story begins with the protagonist, whose name is not explicitly mentioned, being filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to prepare delicious recipes for her boyfriend. She spends hours in the kitchen, meticulously preparing a wide range of dishes, from potatoes, carrots, and green beans to fish and chicken, and even making a carrot juice. She wants to impress Habibi with her cooking skills, and her determination to succeed is evident from the fact that she spends over five hours in the kitchen without taking a break.

Despite the hard work and dedication, the protagonist’s efforts are not appreciated by everyone. Habibi’s father, for instance, is upset with her for wasting food and money on preparing such an elaborate feast. He feels that she has gone too far, and that her actions are a reflection of her foolishness and lack of understanding of the realities of life in Nigeria.

Throughout the novel, the protagonist’s love for Habibi is portrayed as pure and unwavering. She is willing to go to great lengths to express her love for him, even if it means making sacrifices or enduring hardships. Her determination to impress him with her cooking skills is just one example of her deep commitment to their relationship.

In addition to exploring the theme of love, the novel also offers insights into the cultural practices and religious traditions of the Hausa people. The importance of Ramadan, for instance, is emphasized throughout the story, and the protagonist’s desire to spend it with Habibi is seen as a significant milestone in their relationship.

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