Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz Death; Died After Hitting Her Head Against A Pole On a Moving Bus

Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz has emerged as a prominent figure. In a tragic incident, a young schoolgirl from Brazil lost her life after she extended her head out of a bus window, resulting in a collision with a pole. In an attempt to extend a warm welcome, she was seen making an effort to greet her fellow classmates.

Last week, a freak accident took place when 13-year-old Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz was leaving Professor Carlos Côrtes State College in Rio de Janeiro. According to Brazilian media, Fernanda was on her way home in the Catarcione neighbourhood when the incident occurred.

A teenager seated in the back of a bus reportedly made a fateful decision to pull someone out of a window while the vehicle was in motion. According to Jam Press, the motive behind this action was to bid farewell to friends.

In a sudden turn of events, the driver skillfully manoeuvred the vehicle to avoid a potential collision with oncoming traffic on the narrow street. However, in a tragic turn of events, Ferraz’s vehicle collided with a pole near the curb, resulting in severe head injuries.

The passengers have since informed the bus driver about the accident, prompting him to bring the vehicle to a halt. In a remarkable display of vigilance, a seasoned driver, boasting an impressive 13-year tenure with the esteemed Nova Faol bus company, took swift action by promptly notifying both the authorities and the management of the transportation company.

Tragically, it has been reported that Ferraz had already succumbed to their injuries prior to the arrival of first responders at the scene. In a subsequent development, Nova Faol has released a statement expressing regret for an unexpected and tragic incident.

The company has also pledged to assist authorities with the ongoing investigation. In a note, the Secretary of State for Education expressed their lamentation over the student’s death. According to an official statement, Seeduc expresses deep sympathy for the family and acknowledges the significant distress they are experiencing.

The official further stated that Seeduc has been actively assisting both the family and the school community during this difficult time. As a result, classes have been suspended for a period of two days to allow the community to grieve the loss of Ferraz. In a sombre ceremony, the teen’s final resting place was at the Trilha do Céu cemetery, where they were laid to rest promptly at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.