Emily Mecklenburg Death; Killed in Maine Schooner Accident

A 150-year-old schooner’s doctor, Emily Mecklenburg, perished on Monday morning when the ship’s mainmast collapsed on the deck off the coast of Maine. 33 passengers were on board The Grace Bailey, a 118-foot windjammer that runs tours in the waters near Maine, when its mast snapped while it was returning from a four-day trip, according to her owner.

A victim was receiving CPR when a tow truck service rushed to the scene about a mile from Rockland Harbour. Dr. Emily Mecklenburg, 40, of Rockland, was later declared dead, and three additional people were taken to the hospital with crush, head, and spinal injuries. A lifeguard reported seeing a person trapped beneath the downed mast. It’s an unexpected situation.

Charlie Weidman, proprietor of Charlie’s Marine Service and the first person to reach the schooner following the disaster, said, “It’s an unforeseen circumstance.” Nobody practises breaking a huge mast on a schooner. “Everyone was doing the best they could with the gifts they had,” said the group with professionalism.

Report on an investigation

One of the victims was flown out of Rockland Harbour when Weidman hauled the ship there. The cause of the breakage is being looked at by the Coast Guard. Authorities reported that the tragedy happened in calm, windless conditions.

Ensign Matthew Bartnick of the Coast Guard stated on Tuesday, “We want to make sure that the investigation is being done thoroughly and that the necessary boxes are being checked.”

The Grace Bailey was constructed in 1882, like many other tall ships that sail off the coast of New England, although she has had numerous renovations throughout the years. According to Nicole Jacques, a ship spokeswoman, almost all of the ship’s wooden planks were changed throughout the course of its existence, and the broken mast was not the original.

Additionally, the ship’s owners said they had no knowledge why the mast had broken. The safety of our visitors is always our top priority, so I, along with my crew, are horrified by this morning’s disaster, said ship captain Sam Sikkema. Most significantly, we are utterly grieved over the loss of a close friend. The MaineHealth system employed Dr. Mecklenburg, who spent the majority of his time at Pen Bay Medical Centre in Rockland.