DUKAN RUWA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Rufaida Omar

“Dukan Ruwa” is a captivating Hausa novel written by Rufaida Omar that delves into the life of Shatu, a young girl on a journey filled with longing, uncertainty, and the search for her father. The story begins with Shatu’s contemplative observation of the passing scenery as she travels through a forest, mesmerized by the creatures and the people living in unfamiliar areas. As sleep tries to claim her, she resists, despising the idea of sleeping on the road she never imagined she would travel, leaving Niger for Nigeria.

Haunted by memories of her grandmother, Dada, who passed away five months ago, Shatu reminisces about the loving care and teachings she received from her patient and pious grandmother. Among the few individuals she holds in high regard is her mother’s cousin, Kawu Umaru, who has shown her immense support and affection. It is Kawu who accompanies her on this arduous journey to meet her father, a man she has never seen before.

Throughout the journey, Shatu’s mind is filled with questions about her father. Does she resemble him? What are his other children like? Despite her curiosity, no one provides her with answers. They eventually arrive in Kano, a city in Nigeria, and the mention of the name evokes a sense of joy and realization in Shatu. Upon reaching their destination, a big building, Shatu is struck by fear and awe, causing her to hesitate. She regains composure as her uncle confirms that this is indeed her new home.

Welcomed by Alhaji Isuhu Maiagogo, Shatu’s father, she is initially too overwhelmed to speak. But as she regains her confidence, she thanks him profusely, feeling a sense of release and gratitude. As they enter the grand living room, Shatu is surrounded by opulence, and she anxiously awaits her first meeting with her father. When he finally appears, her eyes widen in astonishment and happiness as she realizes the striking resemblance between him and Kawu. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she blurts out, “You don’t care!” Startled, everyone turns their attention to her.

Shatu quickly covers her mouth, feeling embarrassed by her impulsive outburst. However, her father approaches her with warmth and kneels before her, his heart heavy with emotion. This encounter marks a significant moment in Shatu’s life, as she finally comes face to face with the man she has longed to meet. The novel “Dukan Ruwa” weaves a tale of family, love, and self-discovery, as Shatu embarks on a new chapter in her life, hoping to find solace and connection with her father in the land she now calls home.


That’s when they exited Bristol Palace, located on Farmcenter Road. Ibb was driving the car while resting his head on the chair with his eyes closed. Their purpose was to greet Ibb’s father’s friend who had arrived from Kaduna and was about to fly to Egypt due to illness.

“This hall is not part of the festival,” someone said.

Hearing this, Fadeel slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at Humaira, who stood with her hands folded on her chest and her usual serious expression.

“Wait, please,” said the person who spoke, causing Ibb to slow down and search for a parking spot. After parking the car, he looked at the person questioningly.

“What’s the matter?”

Fadeel started undoing his seat belt and replied, “She is. I don’t want to miss any more chances for her to save me.”

Observing Fadeel’s actions, Ibb clenched his fist and looked at him.

“What? Do you mean I shouldn’t go?”

Ibb shook his head and said, “No, that’s not what I mean. I just want you to give me the opportunity to accompany you. If you have the right attitude, don’t say anything, especially about love. I will know how to handle her, okay?”

Fadeel sighed, glancing at Humaira through the side mirror. Without averting his gaze, he answered, “Okay.”

Ibb turned off the car, and they all stepped out almost simultaneously. Fadeel and Ibb had similar builds. Fadeel wore a black T-shirt with short sleeves and blue jeans. He had a black leather watch on his wrist, and his black hair was shiny. He took out his black glasses from his pocket, closed his eyes momentarily, and recalled how he had studied Humaira since their first encounter. He couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go, especially since they hadn’t been together for more than two months.

As for Ibb, he wore a blue T-shirt and black jeans. A quick glance at them would reveal their contrasting features. Fadeel was tall and fair-skinned, wanting to appear taller than Ibb. Ibb had a dark complexion, and if he stood beside Fadeel, he would be considered a stranger.

Humaira stood there, motionless until they reached her. Fadeel felt a slight pressure in his chest as he looked at her from head to toe. She didn’t seem older than eighteen, if even that, but her appearance held a certain charm. Taking a deep breath, they approached her. Ibb bid her farewell, interrupting her attempt to call Mami, and told her to head home. The presence of the two young men overwhelmed her with a charismatic aura, leaving her unable to identify who they were or where she knew them from. Dakyar spoke absentmindedly, struggling with her words, and then lifted her head, intending to leave the place.

“It seems you don’t understand me, do you?” she said wearily, looking at Fadeel.

Curious, Fadeel stared back at her. He tried to gauge whether she recognized him, although it wasn’t the first time that boys had approached her like this when she didn’t pay attention to them. However, deep down, he felt that she was different, someone he couldn’t let slip away. After observing her, he shifted his gaze to Ibb. Not being able to understand her, he asked, “What? Shouldn’t I go?”

Ibb shook his head and clarified, “No, that’s not what I mean. I just want you to give me the opportunity to accompany you. And if you have the right attitude, don’t say anything about love or anything like that. I will figure out how to approach her

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