Dr. Benjamin Mauck Death News: Tennessee Physician, Dr. Benjamin Mauck Killed By Larry Pickens At Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics In Collierville

Dr. Benjamin Mauck Death News: Tennessee Physician, Dr. Benjamin Mauck Killed By Larry Pickens At Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics In Collierville

Dr. Benjamin Mauck Death News: The Collierville Police Department positively identified Larry Pickens as the gunman on Wednesday morning. Pickens is suspected of shooting and killing a Tennessee doctor in an exam room yesterday.

One of the surgeon’s patients was Pickens. The 29-year-old Memphis resident Pickens has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault in connection with the incident that was directed at Dr. Benjamin Mauck at the Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics in Collierville, according to an update posted by Major David Townsend on Nextdoor.

What Happened At Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics?

Police Chief Dale Lane told WREG Memphis that the suspect had been a patient there and had received treatment just a few hours before to the incident. Pickens’ bail has been set by the judge at $1.2 million. On Thursday, he is scheduled to appear in court.

Pickens’ reason is yet unknown, but Memphis Democrat Raumesh Akbari, the minority leader of the Tennessee Senate, said on Tuesday that a witness reported the shooter had been threatening a clinic staffer for the preceding week. Mauck’s attacker most likely waited “several hours” for him before firing a handgun and running from the clinic; he was apprehended without additional incident five minutes later. The police had previously made this information public.

Lane praised the police for their fast thought and swift action in responding to the incident. He told WREG, “Once more, we’re talking about a man who fled a shooting scene, and he’s in custody within five minutes, without extra loss of life, including our team, the suspect. “Once more, we’re discussing a man who fled a shooting scene.” According to the website, Lane also commended clinic employees for using their active shooter training in the situation.

Mauck’s specialty, according to the biography given by his clinic, was surgery of the elbow, hand, and wrist. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Tennessee in Memphis in 2006, and in 2012 he joined the Campbell Clinic’s medical team. Mauck, who also practices surgery at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, was just added to Memphis Magazine’s 2023 Top Doctor List and received a patient satisfaction rating of 4.9.

Mauck claimed in an interview with the magazine that the experience of watching his sister heal from a sports injury inspired him to pursue a profession in medicine. She underwent surgery for an ACL tear, and he continued, “They changed her life for the better.” She now appears to be lot happier. What better method is there to help people in need than to become a doctor, I wondered to myself.

Mauck went on to state that he attended medical school “specifically to become an orthopedic surgeon,” and he further explained his fascination with hands. “The hand is how we interact with the outside world, and when your hand is involved, it almost always affects everything you do,” he said. “Almost everything you do is impacted when your hand is involved.”

Mauck’s colleagues at the Campbell Clinic expressed their sorrow over the loss of his curative touch in a statement that was made public late on Tuesday. The spokesperson continued, “Earlier today, we had an incident with a lone shooter inside our Collierville facility. They continued, “We are stunned and heartbroken to confirm that the incident resulted in the tragic loss of one of our most highly respected and cherished physicians, Dr. Ben Mauck.” “We are appreciative to the police officers in our neighborhoods who responded so quickly.

While this problem is being looked into, we are dedicated to keeping a close working relationship with law enforcement officers. After Mauck’s death, only his wife, Rhiannon Mauck, and their two children continued. Using Mauck’s death as leverage for stricter gun laws, state senator Akbari argued that Pickens would not have had access to a pistol if the limits had been in place at the time of Mauck’s demise.

Tragedies like this highlight how vital the need for common sense is, according to her statement. This entails bringing back background checks and licenses for firearms as well as implementing fresh changes like an order of protection that allows police to seize firearms from someone posing a threat to others.