Donald Tocci Obituary News: Resident of Stoneham Donald Tocci Passed Away

Donald Tocci Obituary News: Resident of Stoneham Donald Tocci Passed Away

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, Donald L. Tocci, a resident of Stoneham and formerly of Everett, departed this life in peace and in the presence of his loved ones. Donald was a man of steadfast integrity and patriotism who left a lasting impression on everyone he came into contact with. His life was one of service and dedication. His 77-year-old legacy of integrity and kindness still serves as an example to everyone he came into contact with.

A Proud Companion to the Nation

Donald had a steadfast dedication to his nation. Serving with honor, he undertook two deployments to Vietnam as a Navy SEAL, exhibiting courage and bravery in the face of difficulty. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Navy Accommodation Medal for Valor for his service, honors that spoke to his bravery and commitment to upholding freedom.

A Mentor, Coach, and Teacher

After serving in the military, Donald started a new career as a coach and educator. As a teacher at Burlington High School, he left a lasting impression on innumerable pupils by imparting knowledge and wisdom. His love of swimming propelled him to become a Hall of Fame swim coach who helped swimmers achieve success on and off the pool.

An Honorable Businesswoman and Volunteer

Following his retirement from the classroom, Donald kept up his community service and passion projects. He fostered a spirit of adventure and exploration by sharing his love of the undersea world with others as the proud owner of Burlington Scuba. Beyond his commercial endeavors, he demonstrated his dedication to service by volunteering for a multitude of organizations, such as the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), of which he previously held the position of Post 620 commander. His commitment to his fellow soldiers and their families was further demonstrated by his membership in the Navy SEAL Association’s New England chapter.

A devoted father, grandfather, and husband

The people whom Donald loved most in his life were his family. Bodil (Oftedahl) Tocci, his loving wife, and he had a profound and lasting love. He was also the proud father of Stephanie Cherenson and her spouse, Michael. Ella Cherenson, his beloved granddaughter, filled his life with boundless happiness and laughter. JoAnn Desmond and Geraldine Carlin, together with her husband Daniel, were among the siblings whom Donald loved so much. Even though his brother Carl Paul Tocci passed away before him, his memory endures in the hearts of his loved ones and the innumerable lives he impacted.

With affectionate remembrance

We find solace in the knowledge that Donald L. Tocci will always be remembered by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him as we say goodbye to him. His steadfast honesty, sense of patriotism, and generosity will serve as an example for all of us on how to live brave and compassionate lives. Even though his physical presence is no longer with us, his legacy of integrity and devotion will live on for many more generations. Peacefully rest, my beloved Donald, and know that you are much loved and much missed.