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Don Lubberts Obituary News: Long-time Municipal Councillor, Don Lubberts Passed Away

Don Lubberts Obituary News: Long-time Municipal Councillor, Don Lubberts Passed Away

The Town of Fort Erie regretfully announces the demise on February 13, 2023, of a cherished individual and seasoned municipal councilor, Don Lubberts.

Don was more than just a government employee; he was a committed member of the community who, for more than thirty years, was essential to the development and prosperity of Crystal Beach.

A true Crystal Beach native, Don Lubberts committed his life to giving back to his town. He was born and raised in this charming town, where he grew to love his surroundings deeply.

Over the years, his actions and efforts have reflected this love. From 2010 until 2022, Don was a city council member representing the neighborhood where he was raised.

Don’s dedication to the community went beyond his position in the local administration.

He was an active member of the Bertie Boat Club, the Friends of Crystal Beach, and the Crystal Beach Business Improvement Area (BIA), among other community organizations.

His commitment to securing a sustainable and prosperous future for Fort Erie was demonstrated by his service on the town’s Environmental Advisory Committee, which was sparked by his love for environmental concerns.

In addition to these positions, Don was an active member of the Cemetery Advisory Committee and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), demonstrating his wide range of interests and dedication to improving many facets of community life.

His participation in several standing committees and appeal committees showed his steadfast commitment, which was apparent in his sincere wish to improve Fort Erie.

Don Lubberts was more than simply a council member; he was instrumental in Crystal Beach’s development and prosperity.

Through his participation in community organizations and committees, he was able to address a variety of concerns, including local economic development and environmental sustainability.

His support of the Bertie Boat Club and Friends of Crystal Beach, in particular, demonstrated his dedication to developing a strong sense of community spirit.

As a participant in the Crystal Beach Business Improvement Association, Don made a concerted effort to improve the local business environment and foster a prosperous atmosphere for both locals and entrepreneurs.

In order to preserve Crystal Beach’s natural beauty for future generations, he worked on the Environmental Advisory Committee, where he promoted the need for sustainable and responsible development.