DOOM ISHAK Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Fauziyya Tasiu Umar

DOOM ISHAK is a captivating Hausa novel written by Fauziyya Tasiu Umar, also known as Ummuh Hairan. It delves into the story of a protagonist who finds himself in a state of confusion and losing touch with his own identity. The novel explores themes of spirituality, love, and personal struggle.

The story begins with the protagonist encountering three individuals who were tending to their cows. He interrupts them and seeks their blessings before returning to his car, where a girl is present. His thoughts wander, suspecting that something inappropriate might be happening between the girl and someone else.

Feeling perplexed, the protagonist remains in the car for a while before deciding to travel to Maradi, a city closer to his current location. There, he arranges a room in a small hotel and engages in self-reflection. His mind is filled with thoughts of his encounters with different people.

During the early morning hours, the protagonist notices the girl starting to regain consciousness. He observes her movements, and as she begins to awaken, she recites prayers. He addresses her as “Baffi” and expresses concern about a distressing dream he had. Tears well up in his eyes as he reflects on the girl’s impact on his life, questioning the reasons behind her presence and the potential loss of someone’s happiness.

As the girl opens her eyes, she becomes agitated and vehemently denies being deceased. She declares her father is alive, expressing her anger and frustration at the protagonist’s assumptions. Feeling apprehensive, the protagonist watches as she stands up and walks away, uncertain about her true nature and origins.

The girl distances herself from the protagonist and sits down, burying her head in her lap. She begins sobbing, lamenting her father’s death and her own uncertain future. Overwhelmed by her distress, the protagonist tries to console her and assures her that he will take care of her needs. However, he is also burdened by his own emotional turmoil, as thoughts of his own father’s death resurface.

Together, the protagonist and the girl embark on a journey to Kano town. They spend three months together after the protagonist marries Nabilah. Their relationship faces challenges, particularly with Faridah, who harbors some objections to the girl’s presence. However, the reasons behind her inclusion in their lives remain undisclosed.

DOOM ISHAK offers a powerful narrative that explores the complexities of human emotions and the struggles individuals face in their pursuit of love, identity, and personal growth. Fauziyya Tasiu Umar, through her skilled storytelling, captivates readers and invites them to reflect on the intricate webs of life and the paths people choose to navigate within them.

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