Derek Draper Obituary: Kate Garraway’s Husband Dies After Devastating Covid Battle, Aged 56

Derek Draper, the spouse of Kate Garraway, passed away after a tragically lengthy fight with COVID-19. He was 56 years old.

Friday, January 5, Garraway posted a statement on Instagram confirming the passing of “my darling husband.”

She wrote, “It pains me to have to inform you all that my beloved husband Derek has passed away.” “As some of you may be aware, he has been in critical condition since a cardiac arrest early in December 2020. Additional issues resulted from the harm caused by Covid in March 2020.

“Derek spent his last days surrounded by his family, and I was at his side, holding his hand during the arduous hours leading up to his passing. I want to thank all the medical professionals that worked so hard to rescue him and make his last moments as comfortable and dignified as possible. I have so much more to say, and I will, of course, say it when the time is right.

“Sending so much love and gratitude to everyone who has so kindly supported our family with such generosity. Derek, my love, rest in peace and gentleness. I am so grateful that you were in my life.

Having contracted the virus in the early stages of the epidemic, Draper was left “fighting for his life” after suffering a heart attack on Sunday, December 17.

Jenni Falconer, Garraway’s co-star on Smooth Radio, provided listeners with an update on Draper’s condition two days later, acknowledging that things weren’t “looking good at the moment.”

Draper, who was born in Chorley, Lancashire, on August 15, 1967, attended Southlands High School until 1984. Following that, he attended the University of Manchester and Runshaw College in Leyland.

Draper’s political career started in 1990 when he was named Nick Brown’s constituency secretary. Brown was a veteran of the Labour Party and a former chief whip. Two years later, he left the position and started working for Peter Mandelson as a researcher. Six years later, in 1996, Draper was promoted to director of the lobbying firm GPC Market Access, where he stayed until the beginning of 1999.

During his tenure in politics, he got embroiled in the “Lobbygate” controversy, wherein he and Jonathan Mendelsohn, the Labour political organizer, were captured on camera bragging that they could buy access to government ministers in order to provide tax benefits for their patrons.

He returned to school, retrained as a psychotherapist, and earned an MA in clinical psychology after abandoning politics.

Since Draper was hospitalized and put in a medically-induced coma in March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Garraway has been Draper’s caregiver for almost four years.

After being released from the hospital the first time, Draper was readmitted multiple times before coming home to Garraway and their two kids, 13-year-old Billy and daughter Darcey, more than a year later.

In February 2022, Draper became critically ill due to sepsis, which resulted in an extended hospital stay. Garraway said that Draper was in critical condition and was “fighting for his life.”

After a span of seven months, the TV host provided an additional health update, disclosing that Draper had experienced sepsis that “again threatened his life” and that “we are again fighting to get him home.”

She said for The Sun, “But I am always inspired by people around him—not just by their knowledge, but also by their tender care

The 2005 couple Garraway and Draper had a great time on a night out in London earlier this year when they went to Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert in April..”

She said that John’s performance “lifted their spirits again to feel anything is possible” and praised him for providing their family with “a moment that we will never forget.”