DEEN Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Ashanty Love

DEEN Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Ashanty Love is a captivating novel that tells a story of a young woman named Jiddah, who faces various challenges in her life. The story depicts the struggles of a woman in a male-dominated society and her determination to overcome the obstacles in her life.

Jiddah is a woman who wears a niqab and hijab and is always calm and composed. However, her calm exterior belies the turmoil within her. She is a young woman who is constantly struggling to make ends meet and provide for her family. Jiddah’s father is a man who does not believe in the value of education and does not see the need to provide for his family. Jiddah’s mother, Umma, is a strong-willed woman who is determined to provide for her family despite her husband’s reluctance to do so.

The novel starts with Jiddah coming back home after a long day. She meets Umma, who asks if she has come back to taste something. Jiddah responds by telling Umma that she has gone to the market and found out that Kobaki is not at home. Umma is surprised by Jiddah’s calm demeanor and wonders what is going on in her life.

As the story unfolds, we see the challenges that Jiddah faces in her life. Her father is not supportive of her education, and she has to work hard to pay for her school fees. Her brother is not interested in studying, and her mother is struggling to provide for the family. Jiddah is determined to succeed in life despite the challenges she faces.

The novel also depicts the struggles of women in a male-dominated society. Jiddah feels that women are not given the same opportunities as men and that they are often treated as second-class citizens. She believes that women are capable of achieving great things and that they should be given the chance to do so.

One of the strengths of the novel is its characters. Jiddah is a strong, independent woman who is determined to succeed in life. She is a role model for young women who are facing similar challenges in their lives. Umma is also a strong character who is determined to provide for her family despite the challenges she faces.

The novel also has a strong message about the importance of education. Jiddah is a strong believer in the value of education and is determined to succeed in life despite the challenges she faces. The novel highlights the importance of education in empowering women and giving them the tools they need to succeed in life.

Description and Prolouge of DEEN

“Oh, Maimuna? Shouldn’t you be bitter about the little things? If you look at how much Zainab is? You should apologize to her for everything she has. In the future, she won’t do anything, no matter how young she is, please God. Do you want to lift the girls up?” He was in the form of persuasion

Mummy’s heart dropped after she finished swallowing the lumps of frustration
“Now, is it the pilgrim’s fault that a mother cheats on her daughter? Don’t forget that Zainab is a woman, she will get married one day, now who do you think can tolerate her nonsense? Is she a girl who is completely stupid? Does she always do the right thing? She doesn’t know. It’s not the same as the opposite, but you are the one who reprimands women and does nothing but provoke her? Do you think this is love? This is not love, Pilgrim, this is a way of infidelity and lack of discipline. You always look like I hate you. I didn’t give birth in my house, you don’t say that she is not my daughter, now reprimanding a child is a crime. If Zainab is not there, isn’t it her role to rule the world that God has given to me? I’ll let her lie as if she doesn’t have anything to say, don’t forget her lying mouth that her son will play with him one day and she’ll bite him if he does something wrong.”

He sat close to her and hugged her shoulder and said
“Well, I’ll keep it, let go of that face, I’m the one with the face, if it’s a baby, I’ll talk to her, she won’t listen.”

When the son said nothing, mummy just got confused and said nothing

“Smile for us” he said looking at her face

She took her head and stood up from the side of the bed and said
“Now let’s go take a break.”

He also got up and said
“Well, with the size of your chair, as you said it will be done princess” he said laughing

Itadai went ahead because she’s not in the mood


Zainab’s car drove into the school premises.

Since the arrival of the car, the few people who were there diverted their attention to it because the resistance of the car could not be reached because of the eye contact.

Slowly she reached where the other cars were parked and found a place to park as well

Bala quickly opened the door on his side and got down and went around to the other side where she was holding his hand and opened the door for her.

She was sitting, putting one leg on the other, listening to the phone and humming a slow song

When she heard the door open, she stopped what she was doing and looked at the driver who was still holding the cover of his car and left

Saida started to take a breath and took her small bag, opened it and took out some bubble gum, threw it away, took off her sunglasses, closed her eyes, and started trying to get out.

Seeing this, Bala stepped back very respectfully, put one foot down, took her time, and then she followed her and came out in the country’s style.

As they expected, she said that since entering the car, they declared it a tree.

Most of them went to the middle and turned away from you, especially the young people who were there because of all the 6illos, they despised themselves and their bath. 6. It hurts the most, especially if you notice how the mind of the person is always focused on itself

Her sisters and their boyfriends used to talk about her for dating because every guy is so busy looking at her that he forgets that he is with another woman.

She straightened her scarf and put her bag on the driver without looking at him and started walking in her catwalk while chewing gum in her mouth.

Their eyes looked at her as if they were going to eat her, everyone opened their mouths, noses and eyes and looked at her while most of the people there were laughing at how her body moved in her walk.

It’s her job to touch and it gives her joy, there’s nothing like getting people’s attention.

I know all the things that happen to her at school, I know how her younger siblings fight with their boys about her, I know how she hates people with eyes, I know how she talks about students and lecturers and her style.

That’s why she breaks her head and she can beat anyone

It’s been four months since she joined the school, but she has a name that even today you can’t tell her. Her father is standing over her very much

From a distance, four of her daughters, each one of them, came to receive her blessings, smiling at her.

She raised her eyebrows with one finger and lowered her eyebrows

Saida finished and started giving each other a light hug one by one with what she was saying





When they finished, she moved her mouth and said
“How are you?”

All the answers to her

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