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Dawn Pier Death: The Beloved Matriarch Of Bad Apple Racing, Dawn Pier Passed Away

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Dawn Pier Death: The adored mother of Bad Apple Racing, Dawn Pier. Dawn, a woman of unwavering love, elegance, and strength, made a lasting impression on the racing world, especially the Nitro Harley community. Dawn was the beating heart of Bad Apple Racing because of her unwavering support and excitement for her kids’ racing aspirations. Watching her boys, Tracy and Steven, follow their passion for Nitro Harleys brought Dawn great joy, whether it was from the sound of the engines roaring, the smell of burning rubber, or the exhilarating atmosphere of the racetrack.

Bad Apple Racing, a name that embodies commitment, tenacity, and family, was more than simply a team; Dawn nurtured it as a close-knit community. Her presence at the tracks served as an inspiration to her family and the racing community, personifying the spirit of resiliency and friendship that characterizes the racing industry. Dawn’s excitement for Nitro Harleys was contagious, and it was evident to everyone in her vicinity. Her beautiful smile and her constant support for her boys and their teammates helped her establish herself as a fixture in the racing scene.

Social Media Tributes

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of the Matriarch of Bad Apple Racing, Dawn Pier.
Dawn loved going to tracks to watch her sons do what they love, race their Nitro Harleys
She was loved by many and passed peacefully at home on Tuesday, February 13th, with Tracy, Steven and Mary at her side -BAR,” a facebook post said.