David Trower Obituary – Death: Allen-Stevenson’s Seventh Head of School, David Trower Passes Away

David Trower Obituary – Death: Allen-Stevenson’s Seventh Head of School, David Trower Passes Away

David Trower Obituary News: On Monday, July 3, 2023, David R. Trower h’95, Allen-Stevenson’s seventh head of school, passed away. Before he passed away, he was a devoted and loving man. David made a positive difference in the lives of numerous boys, families, coworkers, and friends over his 32 years at Allen-Stevenson, up until the year he retired, and during his 52 years of working in education.

The family has not yet disclosed the reason for his passing. David Trower’s friends, family, and coworkers are in mourning at his passing.

David Trower life-style

Last year, David Trower left the world of teaching. Each of us has benefited in some way from David’s enthusiasm for education and Allen-Stevenson, whether it is from the tens of thousands of warm smiles and firm handshakes extended at the front entrance of the school or from his perceptive remarks and wise guidance.

During his time with Allen-Stevenson, David was in charge of a number of construction projects and strategic initiatives.

In addition to his many other duties, he oversaw the creation of community learning facilities including the Library Tech Commons and the Learning Resource Center. Each and every one of us can relate to his sincere conviction that doing “what is best for the boys” is the right thing to do.

David valued being active in his community highly. He particularly enjoyed the times when the entire school came together for festivities or assemblies.

Throughout the previous academic year, David continued to demonstrate his tremendous commitment to the organization by attending important events. These celebrations honored both people who were retiring and those who had passed away.

The Allen-Stevenson Code is engraved into the school’s lobby floor; David viewed it as a manual for guys.

These qualities include being considerate, accountable, kind, courteous, diligent, enthusiastic, creative, and good.

The school can categorically declare that David exemplified these qualities as the gentleman and scholar he wanted each boy to become.