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Danilo Arcanjo Obituary: Sao Joao do Caiua, Danilo Arcanjo Passed Away At 44

Danilo Arcanjo Obituary – cause of death: Danilo Arcanjo, 44, of Derby, a cherished member of our community, in this somber hour of mourning. On Monday, January 15, 2024, Danilo departed from this life, leaving a legacy of love and bravery as well as many treasured memories. He was the loving brother of Denis and Daniely Arcanjo, the devoted husband of Keri Maciog, and the proud father of Lyssa Arcanjo. Danilo’s adventure started on February 28, 1979, when he was born to Daniel and Ivanilda Arneiro Arcanjo in Sao Joao do Caiua, State of Parana, Brazil.

Danilo felt compelled to serve his nation and joined the Brazilian military, where he eventually developed into a talented and devoted marksman. Danilo’s unwavering sense of duty and bravery were demonstrated by his dedication to his military duties. As a sniper, he had to possess accuracy, self-control, and constant concentration—qualities that would ultimately come to define him in every area of his life.

Danilo was well-known for his good nature, sincerity, and affection for his family. He wed Keri Maciog, and the two of them had a happy, dream-filled life. Their strong relationship served as a source of support for one another and was evidence of their profound love and understanding for one another. Danilo raised Lyssa with all of his love and wisdom as a father, teaching her the virtues of bravery, compassion, and resiliency.

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“Danilo Arcanjo My friend, you will be missed. It’s hard to think that you are gone but I can’t thank you enough for taking a kid out of high school trying a new job with North Haven Public Works and being one of the guys to put me under their wings. Always enjoyed getting the recycling route done early to get breakfast somewhere talking all kinds of bullshit. I hope you find the peace you were looking for & can go hunting anywhere you like. Rest in Peace my friend. You’ll be truly missed,” a facebook post said.