Danielle Evans Death; Identified As Scientist Danielle, Victim of Treforest Mystery Explosion In

A mysterious explosion on Wednesday, December 13, left 40-year-old scientist Danielle Evans missing after the massive fire. She was identified this morning, and specially trained officers are helping the family.

The Evans family said, “Dan was a whirlwind of a woman. She leaves her family and friends with an unfillable void. She was kind, smart, and beautiful.

“She founded Celtic Food Labs, a successful lab. She gave it her all, but her husband, family, pets, and friends came first!” Fiercely devoted and “the best friend anyone could hope for” are Ms. Evans’ descriptions.

Her memorial said, “She met strangers and friends with the same positive, infectious, and loving energy. She captivated you like no one else. A magnet that united us.

An excellent aunty, she loved every moment with her nieces. Her family was affectionate, and she loved her parents, brother, aunties, and uncles unconditionally.

“She touched many lives. She will be missed, but we all have beautiful memories to cherish!” Family commended emergency services for their response.

Detective Superintendent Richard Jones said, “Our thoughts remain with Danielle’s family, friends and work colleagues, at what is a very difficult time for them.”

The police and fire department are investigating the explosion’s cause, and anyone with film should submit it here. The explosion also destroyed a gym and barbershop on the estate.

Barber Andrew Cox, who lost his salon and tools in the blast, said on Facebook that he was “overwhelmed by the kindness and support” from local companies and planned to replace all his equipment and resume trading “as soon as I possibly can”.

Mr. Cox and Mindset Gym offered Danielle’s family their condolences on social media. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the lady’s family and community after her awful accident.

Mindset has a strong veteran community and does a great job of remembering those who died. “Mindset will do everything to show support to the lady’s family and keep her legacy alive.”