Bismillah..Rahmani Rahim

how to promote the new novel of my God, I am begging you not to stop it lpy.

O Lord God, whatever we write, if it is not good for people, God forbid we write it.

Oh God, don’t let us perish and perish.

O Lord, protect us, and strengthen our faith.

Oh God, protect us and keep us safe.

O Lord God, protect our men wherever they are, they do not have the power to give us permission.

Oh God, protect all Muslims wherever they are.

He exalted Muslims over disbelief.

May Allah guide us in our suffering, and give us the strength of our descendants, and give us more patience in dealing with our pilgrims.

O Allah, I am comforted by your holy names, Son of the purity of your kingdom God, son of your solitude God, Son of your holy book, son of the best creation, the leader of the prophet Muhammad (S. W. A.) the bridegroom of Khadija and Aisha, bbn Fadima in the morning.

God forbid that we end up in trouble.