Dakota McGee Obituary Iliff, CO: CHSAA basketball referee Dakota McGee dies unexpectedly

Dakota McGee Suicide Iliff, CO: CHSAA basketball referee Dakota McGee dies unexpectedly.

Family, friends and the general Iliff community are mourning the tragic and sudden death of Dakota McGee.

Dakota’s death was announced via multiple social media post on Monday, November 13, 2023. Dakota who left a cryptic message on his Facebook page reportedly died by suicide.

Dakota was a Sports Director at KAT Country 98.3, Basketball Referee at Colorado High School Activities Association. He was a former Operations Manager at Holiday Inn Express and former football, basketball and track coach at Sterling Middle School.

The announcement of Dakota’s unexpected death was flooded by heartfelt tributes and condolences across social media. He will be sorely missed.

“My last message from Dakota McGee, never did meet him after that. Lifes too short, heart out to his fam. I always looked forward to see what Dakota was capturing out in some of my favorite chase areas near Wray and St Francis KS. He was one of the kind ones. Sad,” a Facebook post said.

“I saw the last words you posted this morning and I should have reached out….I know all too well that the words just sat wrong and yet I failed you….i failed to help by not reaching out! I did the worst thing by not acting on my feeling of concern. Sometimes, you think it’s gonna pass…that you’ll win the day’s battle, and other times – depression is just more than the fight you have left. The battle is real, each and every day and I’m so very sorry Dakota McGee ….that I didn’t do better by you. You were always so very honest about how you battled, while most of us just wear a mask. I will be stronger because of you and your courage to be so very honest about this difficult condition called depression,” another post said.