Dakota Fred Hurt Obituary – Death: Dustin Hurt’s Father and Gold Rush, White Water Star, Dakota Fred Hurt Died from Cancer

Dakota Fred Hurt Obituary – Death: Dustin Hurt’s father and Gold Rush, White Water Star, Dakota Fred Hurt Died from Cancer

Dakota Fred Hurt Obituary; Dakota Hurt, star of Gold Rush: White Water, and Dustin Hurt Fred Hurt passed away in Minot, North Dakota. He lost his brave struggle with cancer on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, at the age of 80, while being accompanied by his cherished family.

In a post that read, “”Dakota” Fred Hurt passed away this morning surrounded by family,” he made his death known on Facebook. He bravely fought cancer while battling it. Many people loved and supported Fred, who affected many lives.

Dakota Fred Hurt Career

Dakota was a reality TV star who was well-known for gold panning in Alaska. Hurt co-starred alongside his son Dustin in the Discovery Channel program “Gold Rush White Water.”

It was a spinoff of the original series “Gold Rush.” Several characters in “Gold Rush White Water,” including the Hurts, sift through creeks with white water in search of gold. The program’s debut season aired in 2018, then in the following fall, it was cancelled.

For the past ten years, Fred Hurt has “been featured on reality TV in pursuit of gold.”His recent gold-related antics include diving in dangerous whitewater in Alaska in search of the rare metal.

Dakota worked with the Hoffman Group during the first year they were at Porcupine Creek. He was sent by Earle Foster, who was the claim’s owner, rather than traveling with the other passengers.

More About Dakota Fred Hurt

During the off-season, Fred came up with a plan to mine Porcupine Creek all by himself, without the help of the gang. Right before the second season of the show started, Fred bought the Porcupine Creek lease from Earle, enabling him to evict the Hoffman Group (whose lease had expired because they had missed a payment).

Alongside Paul Behn, who also owns a portion of the company, he works in the company, along with his son Dustin Hurt.

In order to run the Jim Nail during the third season, he formed his own team in Porcupine Creek called the Dakota Boys. The Dakota Boys put pictures of the Cahoon Creek Claim in their scrapbooks during the fourth season.

Before Gold Rush’s fifth season, Dakota Fred withdrew his cast in order to pursue his own television project, “All That Glitters,” and left Gold Rush.