Dadrien Alvarez Death; Identified As 14 Year Old Victim of Fatal Shooting St. John, White Ave.Kansas City

On Friday night, the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department is conducting an investigation into a killing that occurred in the northeastern section of the city.

In the vicinity of St. John and White Avenue, the police were dispatched to the scene of a shooting that occurred soon after 7 o’clock on Friday evening.

When the Kansas City Police Department got at the scene, they discovered a man who was suffering from gunshot wounds. The man was transferred to a hospital, but he did not survive his injuries and passed away.

During the course of Saturday, the victim was recognized as Dadrien Alvarez, who was 14 years old.

According to the police, an investigation into the incident’s circumstances is currently ongoing. KCPD has stated that there is currently no person of interest known, and that no one is being held in jail at this time.

The Kansas City Police Department is requesting that anyone who has information to call them at 816-474-TIPS.