Colonel Roy Levy Death; Identified Aas Victim Killed in Clashes With Hamas

Colonel Roy Levy, 44, led the Multidimensional Unit, a clandestine organisation of commandos formed to attack Hamas using drones and other sophisticated warfare techniques. He died while fighting Hamas fighters in Re’im, near the Gaza border, where 260 festival-goers were slain when violence erupted on Saturday.

According to the Israel Defence Forces, Levy ‘bravely led his unit, challenged [the terrorists], and entered the combat first at Kibbutz Re’im, to save people who were surrounded in their houses. According to the Israeli military, around ten Palestinian terrorists were killed during Saturday’s combat.

In his comment about Levy’s death, he said that he “shares the family’s pain.” The Ghost unit, formally known as Unit 888 ‘Refaim,’ the Ghost team, formally known as team 888 ‘Refaim,’ was formed in 2019 and is claimed to be engaging in clandestine reconnaissance missions to eliminate Hamas.

Colonel Levy is one of scores of soldiers confirmed to have perished in the fighting, and Hamas says that its militants remain in Israel. A British-born soldier was discovered to be among the first casualties as the battle erupted on Saturday.

According to the IDF, Nathanel Young of London was serving in the 13th Battalion of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) when he was slain yesterday. His bereaved family paid tribute to their son, whom they described as “the life of the party.”

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the country to be on “war footing,” the IDF is publishing all of the identities of the fallen soldiers. On Sunday, the Israeli cabinet formally declared war on Hamas and authorised “significant military measures” in retaliation for the surprise attack.

Report of Investigation

The declaration came as the army attempted to crush remaining fighters in southern cities and increased its shelling of the Gaza Strip. On both sides, about 1,000 people were killed and many were injured. More than 24 hours after Hamas started its historic foray out of Gaza, Israeli forces were still battling militants hidden in multiple locations.

At least 700 people have apparently been killed in Israel, a shocking toll on a magnitude not seen in decades, and more than 300 have died in Gaza as a result of Israeli airstrikes. According to Israel’s Zaka rescue service, paramedics evacuated approximately 260 bodies from a music festival attended by thousands of people that was attacked. Because other paramedic teams were operating in the area, the total number is believed to be higher.

Hundreds of festival-goers were shown sprinting across an open field as gunshots broke out on social media and in Israeli media. Many took refuge in surrounding apple orchards or were killed while fleeing. The declaration of war indicated further combat to come, and a big question was whether it would be successful.

The declaration of war suggested further combat to come, and a big concern was whether Israel would launch a ground offensive on Gaza, a move that had previously resulted in increased losses.