CIZON YATSA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Batul Mamman

In the hausa love novel CIZON YATSA, the story revolves around a series of intense events filled with passion, love, and betrayal. The protagonist, Amira, finds herself trapped in a complex web of emotions and circumstances.


Amira’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets a captivating individual, Ardo. Their encounter is described as Amira being like an insect, and Ardo stopping her in her tracks, indicating the instant connection they share. However, their relationship is far from smooth sailing.

The narrative delves into the role of a research team, introducing a mysterious element to the story. It becomes apparent that Amira has secrets and obligations that she must answer for, especially to her acquaintance, Amira. The idea of maintaining a friendship with Amira bothers her, adding further tension to the plot.

As the story progresses, Amira experiences physical discomfort due to the absence of someone named bby attacking her. The pain in her stomach and womb intensifies, creating a sense of urgency and distress within her body.

Set in Balli Village, the narrative unfolds with Ardo taking on a significant role, often wandering through the town at night, with curious townspeople following his every move. The events reach a boiling point when a confrontation occurs inside Amira’s house, leading to accusations and the uncovering of disturbing secrets. Amar’s actions, including rape and subsequent conflicts, escalate the tension within the village.

The characters’ emotions run high as relationships become strained and trust is shattered. Marital disputes, accusations, and personal revelations further complicate the story. The narrative explores themes of morality, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s actions.

In the midst of the turmoil, a phone call disrupts the guards of Amira’s house, hinting at a significant turning point in the plot. Dagyar’s involvement brings chaos and fear, affecting the well-being of the children in the story.

The story takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions as secrets unravel, confrontations ensue, and the characters navigate their way through the repercussions of their choices. The narrative touches on societal issues, the fragility of relationships, and the search for truth and justice.

With the inclusion of a hospital scene, the novel presents a glimmer of hope amid the turmoil. Bby, who spent three days in the hospital, finds relief from the pain she has endured, particularly from a heart attack.

As the narrative progresses, the text transitions to excerpts from another novel, AIKATAU NE SILA by Yesmeen Tafeesu, providing a glimpse into another compelling story that intertwines with the events of CIZON YATSA.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the characters strive to find understanding and solace in their relationships. The journey to Balli Village brings forth a series of challenges and unexpected revelations that push the characters to their limits. Mysteries and suspicions surround Ardo, adding an air of intrigue and suspense to the narrative.

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