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Chris Bruinink Obituary-Death News; Captain Of London Fire Department, Chris Bruinink Passes Away

Chris Bruinink Obituary-Death News; Captain Of London Fire Department, Chris Bruinink Passes Away

Anchored and esteemed member of the London Fire Department, Captain Chris Bruinink, succumbed to his arduous battle against stage 4 colon cancer on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

His passing has been deeply felt by the department. Twenty-two years prior to his death, at the age of 51, Captain Bruinink had devoted himself to the local fire department.

According to his family, Captain Chris Bruinink’s demise was the result of a protracted and courageous battle with colon cancer in its fourth stage.

Inspired those in his vicinity, his battle against the disease was characterized by tenacity and resolve.

Notwithstanding the obstacles, Captain Bruinink maintained his devotion to his family, exemplifying an altruistic nature that had an enduring effect on his acquaintances.

“A marvelous companion, Mentor, prankster. You prioritized the welfare of others over your own. Your struggle was, to put it mildly, inspiring, and I am certain that you did it because of your family.

“You are the toughest guy I know,” said one of those who honored the indomitable spirit of Captain Bruinink in a heartfelt tribute.

Captain Chris Bruinink served the London Fire Department for a period of 22 years, during which time he was awarded the 25-year exemplary service medal in recognition of his unwavering commitment.

During his distinguished tenure, Captain Bruinink epitomized attributes of dedication, allegiance, and fervor for his profession. His exemplary conduct, unwavering integrity, and diligent labor ethic established formidable benchmarks within the fire service, garnering him the esteem and reverence of both peers and the community.

In addition to his firefighting duties, Captain Bruinink significantly contributed to the promotion of solidarity and unity among the members of the fire department.

His impact transcended professional boundaries, permeating the lives of his colleagues and the community that he dedicated himself to.

During this difficult time, the London Fire Department extends condolences to the family and colleagues of Captain Chris Bruinink.

Those who were fortunate enough to have known him will remember and pay tribute to his legacy of service, tenacity, and influence within the firefighting community.