Cherubin Okende Obituary News; DR Congo Ex-minister Turned Opposition Figure Found Dead

Cherubin Okende was reportedly found dead with gun bullets in his body. Who was thwn identified as the body of a Democratic Republic of Congo opposition deputy and former government minister. May his soul rest in peace.

The former minister was found dead with gun bullets in his body in  capital Kinshasa on Thursday, July 13, 2023. May his soul rest in peace.

Cherubin Okende was a member of the party of Moise Katumbi, a leading opposition politician who is set to contest the presidential election in the central African nation in December.

Official in Katumbi’s party stated that, the 61 years old man had reportedly been missing since Wednesday, July 12, 2023, after he traveled to an appointment at the constitutional court in Kinshasa.

Katumbi further stated that“It’s a political assassination,” “They want to reduce us to silence.”

Many of his people have risen up to get to the root of his death, as the Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidency stated that Okende had died in “tragic circumstances” and it urged an investigation to “shed full light on the matter and punish those responsible for this despicable act”.

A spokewoman for EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell stated that, The EU “calls on the authorities to shed light on the circumstances of this assassination and to bring those responsible to justice”.

“Everything must be done so that the elections can develop in an atmosphere that allows them to be competitive, peaceful, inclusive and transparent.”

Investigation is still ongoing inorder to get to the root of his murder. May his soul rest in peace. May his loved ones and family be strengthened to bear the lost. Flee free to send in your condolences