Chavez Obituary News, Family Of Victim Crushed To Death Wants Someone Accountable For Her Death

Chavez is identified as the 27-year-old lady who was crash to death, who family in Modesto now want somebody to be held responsible for the her death. May her soul rest in peace.

Chavez was reportedly found dead in the grass after a lawn mower ran her over on Saturday around noon, a landscaper was cutting the grass at Beard Brook city park on a tractor with a pull-behind mower when he saw the body of Christine Chavez in the grass that he had already passed through, which prompt him to call 911.

Christopher, who is identified as the victim’s father said that while his daughter often came by his home, she was homeless and often slept outside during the daytime and believes her death was preventable.

A spokesperson for the company said a landscaping contractor was hired to perform weed abatement and fire prevention services.

She called the incident an accident and said the “individual who was not visible and laying in a tall, weeded area.”

The family demand a thorough investigation of her death as investigation is on going on the case. May her soul rest in peace.

The victim’s father stated that “It’s a lie that they didn’t see her, I’m going to keep going because I need to. I’m looking for justice, and I’m going to be there until something happens.”

Dez Martinez, CEO and founder of the homeless advocacy group “We Are Not Invisible,” is assisting the family in raising awareness about Chavez’s death.

Martinez stated that “Just because people are unhoused, it doesn’t mean they don’t have family. It doesn’t mean they’re not somebody’s daughter or son,”

Her sudden death is a great heartbreak to her parents and loved ones, May they be strengthened to bear the lost. May her soul rest in peace.