Cecil Coe Obituary News: In Loving Memory of Cecil Coe

Cecil Coe Obituary News: In Loving Memory of Cecil Coe

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Mr. Cecil Coe, who was eighty-four years old, of Mountain City, Georgia, passed away. Over the course of his eight decades-long trip, he experienced love, joy, and priceless memories. Bidding adieu to a cherished spouse, dad, grandfather, sibling, and companion, we honor the heritage of an exceptional individual whose existence impacted numerous lives.

A Loving and Family-Oriented Life

On August 27, 1939, Cecil was born into the family of the late Irvin Coe and Mary Emma Clay Coe. Family was always the most important thing in his life. He was comforted and delighted by the unflinching support of his beloved wife, Mountain City’s Gale Parker Coe, with whom he enjoyed a strong and lasting friendship. Together, they overcame the pleasures and difficulties of life, their love acting as a pillar of support for their family.

Honoring the Memory of the Deceased

Cecil Coe was predeceased by his parents, as well as his siblings Jesse Cow, Lovell Coe, Curtis Coe, James Coe, Eddie B. Coe, Ruby Coe, Lily Mae Coe, and Berta Mae Coe. He also had a stepdaughter named Candis Parke. Those who loved them carry their memories with them even after they have left this world.

A Love and Generations Legacy

Teresa Danny Combs of Jackson, Georgia; Wanda “Squeaky” James “Squash” Davis of Blairsville; Christina Mark Smith of Newington, Georgia; and Mandy Kenneth Mantle are Cecil’s children who continue his legacy. J.P. Coe, his brother, from Woodbury, Georgia, contributes to keeping his memory alive as well. In addition, Cecil’s legacy is still upheld by stepchildren Wayne Ashley Parker, Missy Parker, and Chrissy Faulkner.

A Grateful Father and Guide

Cecil was a proud patriarch who raised and mentored his children, his 26 grandchildren, his 27 great-grandchildren, and his three great-great-grandchildren. He was a beacon of light, encouraging future generations to embrace love, family, and resiliency with his wisdom, generosity, and unfailing support.

A Meaningful Life

Cecil loved the small things in life and enjoyed the times he spent with his loved ones. His love brightened even the darkest days, his laughter reverberated through the corridors of memory, and his heart soared with unending generosity. He leaves a loving, caring, and steadfast legacy that will never cease to uplift everyone who had the good fortune to meet him.

With affectionate remembrance

We find comfort in the knowledge that Cecil Coe’s soul endures in the hearts of everyone he touched with kindness and love as we say goodbye to him. Even though he is no longer with us physically, his memory will always serve as a lighthouse to help us navigate the road of life. Peacefully rest, my beloved Cecil, knowing that you are much loved and much missed.