CANJIN RAYUWA book 1 Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Halima K Mashi

Canjin Rayuwa Book 1 by Halima K. Mashi is a Hausa love novel that revolves around the life of Hajiya Saudat, a wealthy and beautiful woman who is married to Pilgrim, a successful businessman. The book is set in the northern region of Nigeria, where the Hausa people reside.


The story begins with Hajiya Saudat praying in the afternoon and asking for forgiveness. She is portrayed as a woman who is full of dignity and beauty, which makes her appear much younger than her actual age of around forty-seven to forty-eight years old. While she is praying, her phone rings, and she calmly picks it up, knowing that it is her husband, Pilgrim, who has been busy all day. They exchange pleasantries and discuss Pilgrim’s arrival at home, with Saudat promising to welcome him warmly and ensure that he is well-fed.

However, the conversation takes a tense turn when Pilgrim mentions Mimi, a young woman whom Saudat despises. Saudat does not want Mimi in her house, but Pilgrim insists that he does not like how Saudat treats her. They argue about Mimi’s presence in their lives, and Saudat agrees to comply with Pilgrim’s wishes, albeit reluctantly. The conversation ends with Pilgrim turning off his phone, leaving Saudat frustrated and upset.

The story introduces Abdulkarim, a family friend who comes to visit Saudat from Zaria. They discuss Mimi and Saudat’s dislike for her. Abdulkarim suggests that Mimi should get married, to which Saudat agrees. However, Saudat admits that she has reservations about Mimi’s behavior and is worried about her future.

The novel also explores the themes of family, love, and loyalty. Saudat’s love for her husband is evident in her willingness to compromise and comply with his wishes, despite her reservations. However, she is also fiercely loyal to her family and wants what is best for them, even if it means making tough decisions. The novel also highlights the importance of forgiveness and seeking forgiveness, as seen in Saudat’s prayer at the beginning of the book.

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