Bradley Tucek Obituary; Man Who Died With Toothache Had Common Undiagnosed Condition

A family whose “adored” son and brother was discovered dead at age 33 from a toothache has now learned how he passed away.
According to his relatives, Sydney resident Bradley Tucek had undiagnosed diabetes, and a tooth infection also led to his demise.
The rest of his family resides in Perth, including his sister Ally Valentine, who claimed they had no idea what the coroner’s findings would show.

“There’s not a single person who thought diabetes,” she said.
“I’m pleased that they could find out what happened to him.”
As reported by last July, Tucek’s dentist had given him antibiotics and Panadol to treat an infected tooth and booked him in to have it taken out a week later.
Tucek told his sister and parents Greg and Rose in messages on July 13, a Wednesday, that he had a toothache.
He claimed he was unable to speak during their final chat that day, which was a Saturday.
“He had said to Mum, ‘This is the worst pain I’ve ever been in.
Then, unusually, he stopped replying to his family’s texts, according to Valentine.
On Monday, July 18, he didn’t show up for work as normal.
When some of his concerned coworkers visited Tucek’s residence in the northern neighborhood of Naremburn, they discovered him dead on the kitchen floor.
It was too late to summon an ambulance.
Police believed he passed away on Saturday night.
According to the coroner’s report, Tucek’s death was definitively determined to have resulted from diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition associated with diabetes.
He had never been diagnosed with the common condition, where the body cannot produce enough insulin.
His tooth infection was also a “significant condition contributing to the death”, the coroner’s report notes.
Valentine said it’s sad to know his death probably could have been prevented.