Bo Angel Death; Identified As Victim In Fatal Route 5 Garbage Truck Crash In Trumbull County

He has been recognized as the individual who was killed in a collision that occurred early on Friday morning on Route 5 in Bazetta Township.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that Bo Angel, who was 36 years old and from Newton Falls, passed away as a result of the collision.

In accordance with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the collision took place on Route 5 close to the Elm Road exit at approximately 3:35 in the morning.

An investigation by the state police revealed that Angel, who was driving a gray 2016 Ford Escape, experienced a breakdown in the right lane of State Route 5. Angel placed a call to 911 to report that his car had become disabled, and cops were already on their way to the scene when the collision took place.

It was reported by the state police that a red Mack garbage truck from 2018 collided with the Escape from behind. Angel stood behind the wheel of the vehicle. According to the Patrol, the strike forced the Escape to rotate around a full 360 degrees.

He succumbed to his wounds at the scene of the accident. The truck driver had mild injuries as a result of the accident.

The Bazetta Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services were present at the site, along with officers from the Champion and Bazetta Police Departments.