Bintu Waheed

Assalamu Alaikum

Plz my fans, I will give you a brief information about the book, with name BINTU WAHEED

I didn’t make it about someone else’s life, I just created it to inform and entertain you, even if you have heard my story, it is similar to your life, it is true that it is just like the books I have written about you. put love in it???? I’m not being rude or anything like that at all, I’m doing it so that we can improve our married life which we enjoy so much, no more anger and frustration. May God help us understand us correct amen

With that, I am asking you, please, I don’t want to complain or make any small comments, if you want to correct it, plz find it in private, not in public, because it is disgraceful, not correcting.

_Maassalam, thank you