BARR BASSAM Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Shawty

BARR BASSAM is a captivating Hausa novel written by Shawty that tells the story of Alhaji Bala, a wealthy man who is about to have a successor in the next few months. However, his joy is like a needle in the water, as his wealth seems to have taken over his life, leaving him unhappy and disconnected from his family.

Hajiya Zainab, Alhaji Bala’s wife, is surprised and afraid at the changes in her husband’s behavior. Her family is constantly gossiping about Alhaji Bala’s wealth, accusing her of having a hand in his scandalous behavior. Even Alhaji Bala’s own family is divided over his wealth, with some distancing themselves from him, while others stay close due to the kindness he shows them.

Alhaji Bala’s house is a symbol of his wealth, but it lacks happiness and love. Zainab misses the love and affection her husband used to show her, and she suspects that his change in behavior is not solely due to his newfound wealth. She tries to show him the flood of money he is making for her, but he only tries to calm her down and often ignores her financial problems.

Hajara, the maid who works for Hajiya Zainab, is a young woman with a daughter named Kausar. She and her husband are struggling to make ends meet, but Hajara’s job in Alhaji Bala’s house offers some relief. Despite the differences in their social status, Hajara and Hajiya Zainab develop a close relationship, and Hajara becomes a confidante to her.

BARR BASSAM explores the themes of wealth, love, and family in the context of Nigerian society. It highlights the struggles of those who are not born into wealth and the impact that sudden wealth can have on one’s life. The novel also touches on the importance of family and the need for communication and understanding in relationships.

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