All praise and thanks be to God Almighty, may peace and safety be granted to our leader, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. As we started writing this book, we hope to complete it in peace and with the grace of God Almighty, we hope that what we want to convey is enough for the entire Muslim community and even non-Muslims.

This article is made up and made up. We are talking about the harm of going to a party, in any place that is forbidden by Islam.

Abstract (shimfid`a).

It is a story that contains some servants of God who turned going to parties like their drinking water.

  they go out at any time without knowing their parents, but later they will meet with the crisis of life to know when it is useless.

God has guided us to the right path, and God has given us the ability to accept what we read in it.

     But if you know you are afraid, don’t read it. (Lol..????)