AUREN LAGO Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mommy Minal

Auren Lagos is a captivating Hausa love novel written by Mommy Minal. The novel revolves around the story of Kairiyya, a beautiful and intelligent girl from Yobe state, Nigeria. The story takes us through her life, starting from when she is leaving for school in the morning and encounters some girls on the street who comment on her beauty. As the story progresses, we get to learn more about Kairiyya, her family, and her experiences.


Kairiyya’s parents are from Yobe state, and her father is from the Gashaka Onder Tikum local government. Her mother, on the other hand, is a businesswoman. Kairiyya is depicted as a hardworking, smart, and religious girl who values her education and religious beliefs. She is seen reading Suratul Yasin with her teacher, Mallam Ali Yashigo.

The story takes an interesting turn when Kairiyya returns home from school and her mother’s roommate tells her that her aunt is sleeping and that she is fine. Kairiyya then goes to her father’s room to see him, and her mother instructs her to pour water on her stomach to cool down since she is tired and hot. Kairiyya goes to her room to take off her Yunufon and puts on her hijab. Her mother takes care of her food and goes on a trip.

The story also features a romantic love interest for Kairiyya, a man named Abdullahi Bin MA, who is a school friend of her husband, Kairiyya. The story follows their journey as they fall in love and get married.

The novel’s writing style is engaging, and the author uses a combination of dialogue, inner thoughts, and description to bring the story to life. The story is well-structured, and the plot twists keep the reader engaged. The use of the Hausa language and cultural references adds to the authenticity of the story, making it relatable to readers from the region.

Auren Lagos is a captivating love story that captures the essence of Hausa culture and values. It’s a story of love, family, and the challenges that come with living in a patriarchal society. The author, Mommy Minal, has done an excellent job of creating a relatable story that resonates with readers.

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