AUREN KATIN KASA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Queen Marh

Auren Katin Kasa is a Hausa novel written by Queen Marh. It tells the story of a marriage agreement between two strangers, which reveals a hidden issue. The novel is set in a small village in northern Nigeria, and it follows the lives of two young people, Aisha and Umar.

Aisha is a beautiful young woman who is loved by everyone in her village. She is kind, intelligent, and hardworking. Umar is a handsome young man who is also loved by everyone in his village. He is strong, brave, and intelligent.

One day, Aisha’s father, Malam Musa, arranges for her to marry Umar. Malam Musa is a wealthy man, and he wants his daughter to marry a man who can provide for her. Umar is the son of a wealthy merchant, and Malam Musa believes that he is the perfect match for Aisha.

Aisha is reluctant to marry Umar at first. She does not know him, and she is afraid of leaving her home and family. However, she eventually agrees to marry him, because she knows that it is what her father wants.

Umar is also reluctant to marry Aisha at first. He does not know her, and he is afraid of being married to a woman he does not love. However, he eventually agrees to marry her, because he knows that it is what his father wants.

Aisha and Umar are married in a traditional Hausa wedding ceremony. The wedding is a joyous occasion, and everyone in the village celebrates.

However, Aisha and Umar’s marriage is not without its challenges. They are two very different people, and they have to learn to adjust to each other’s ways. They also have to deal with the expectations of their families and the community.

Despite the challenges, Aisha and Umar fall in love. They learn to appreciate each other’s differences, and they build a strong and loving relationship.

Auren Katin Kasa is a story about love, marriage, and family. It is a story about two people who overcome their differences and build a happy life together. It is a story that will educate and entertain, and it will touch on different cultures.

The novel also explores the hidden issue of child marriage. In many parts of the world, girls are forced to marry at a young age. This is a violation of their rights, and it can have a devastating impact on their lives.

Auren Katin Kasa is a powerful story that raises awareness of this important issue. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.


Location: Kano town, Lamido Crescent GRA.

The house is impressive as you approach the gate, giving the impression of affluence. In the center of the compound stands a large guava tree, dominating the surroundings. Children can be seen running and playing joyfully. Among them, two are white and the other two are black, all of them beautiful and between the ages of seven and nine. There is a young boy, filled with longing, observing the children and expressing his desire to join them, but they prevent him from doing so. This boy is truly handsome, with dark skin that exudes beauty. He can’t be more than 10 years old and possesses big, innocent eyes. His nose bears a resemblance to a monkey’s, while his facial features resemble those of the Fulani people. However, his skin tone is chocolate-colored. One of the children notices him and invites him to join their game of ball.

Eagerly responding to the invitation, the boy rushes toward them but stumbles and falls to the ground, much to the amusement of the other children. His cries draw the attention of a white woman who emerges from the main entrance of the parlor. Two children run to her, calling her “mummy.” She looks at them and addresses them as Khalil and Khamis, wondering why they aren’t engaged in their game. Khamis, one of the children, replies, “Mummy, what are we playing? Jabir told us to play with him, but then Jalal said we were having a competition. So, Jabir called Salim to join us, but when he arrived, Jabir hit him with the ball. He’s really bad. Thank goodness, my child, that you were the one who got hit. I don’t want to say goodbye to your mother.” Salim’s brother enters the parlor, but the servant of God, Salim, doesn’t even spare him a glance.

Salim’s brother doesn’t enter the house either. Jabir and Jalal take the ball and head inside, leaving Salim behind, clutching his swollen forehead caused by the impact of the ball. A girl, not older than fifteen, stands nearby, possessing a strikingly beautiful face, although she has a long nose and thin lips. As she passes through the backyard, where they are organizing their belongings, she hears the sound of crying. Intrigued, she turns her gaze towards Salim, who is crouched down, playing with a ball. She scrutinizes him and remarks, “Salim,” just as his sister, Salima, approaches. Salima walks towards him, concerned, and asks, “Subhanallah, Salim, what happened to you? Who did this to you?” Salim looks at her and replies, “Salima, I was sitting by the tap, watching Jabir play ball. He said, ‘I’m going to play with you.’ But what Adda said about us… they don’t want us to stay in their house. Can you take care of them?” With their hands intertwined, they proceed to the backyard, where Salima assists Salim in drying and washing their clothes.

Inside the kitchen, a young girl stands near the back door, washing herself in the sink while dressed in a long red dress with yellow stripes. She maintains a steady posture, engrossed in her task. In her room, she wears a red hat, and she is meticulously involved in her hygiene routine, causing a stir among her neighbors due to her frequent wardrobe changes while washing her body. She has an hourglass figure, commonly referred to as a figure eight. Although she used to be overweight, Salim approaches her and halts, apologizing for interrupting. Like Salim, she is also a beautiful black woman with a rich chocolate complexion. She doesn’t consider herself less attractive just because Salim and Salima have slightly lighter skin tones. She falls into the category of deep chocolate colors, and her nose is even more refined than Salim and Salima’s, despite being younger than them. Her face radiates beauty and brightness, characterized by round features, captivating large eyes, long eyelashes, well-defined eyebrows, and an elegantly oval-shaped mouth. Her lips appear as if delicately brushed, with a perfectly proportioned width that enhances the beauty of her mouth. At no more than 19 years old, she possesses ample, well-shaped breasts that complement her body, and she maintains a toned figure without any signs of excess weight. 

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