Anthony Wolfgang Hammond Obituary News- Ghanaian-born US Citizen Decomposed Body Found In His Room

Anthony Wolfgang Hammond has been identified as the Ghanaian-born US citizen who was found dead at the age of 72 and whose body was in a state of decomposition in his room at Takoradi in the Western Region.

He said to live alone as his body was discompose while he was found and search is ongoing for his immediate family members or anyone who knows the deceased since he lived the life of a recluse and has no known relation.

Joana Barton Oduro known as the assembly member of the area announced his death and body discovery,

The Ghanian born man was discovered dead after foul smell started emanating from his two-bedroom apartment, which he had occupied alone for the past three years.

Residents and other tenants who were lost as to where the stench was coming from saw houseflies hovering around his window, they later broke into the house and found his dead decomposed body, who is said to have died about two weeks ago.

Reports states that “His landlord broke into the room and realized he was dead. We quickly called the police and deposited his body at the Takoradi Government Hospital. We are supposed to bury the body looking at its decomposing nature but we have still not identified his relatives and so we have pleaded with the hospital to help us keep the body for some time whilst we keep searching for his family members,”

“His phone has been switched on but nobody has called him since and all the contacts we have seen don’t relate to any close friend or relative. We realized he tried to register for a Ghana Card and on the registration sheet his mother’s name is captured as Agnes Prah and Anthony Hammond as his father but they are all deceased.

“He is the quiet type who does not relate to anybody in the house. He has also not been seen with a friend or relative in the house he rented three years ago. We also found passport pictures and a passport indicating he is now a US citizen,” she added.

His family members are yet to come out and claim his body. May his soul rest in peace.