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Annie Richardson Stabbing; Celebrated Artist From Ruston, Louisiana, Passes Away Following a Stabbing Incident

Annie Richardson Stabbing; Celebrated Artist From Ruston, Louisiana, Passes Away Following a Stabbing Incident

The people of Ruston are in deep sorrow over the passing of Annie Richardson, a beloved artist from Region 8 whose brilliant imagination lit up the world.

The devastating news of Annie’s passing was shared by the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council, which also sent its condolences to her family as well as the larger Ruston and Louisiana Tech community.

Annie Richardson’s journey was characterized by an unwavering passion for the arts. Her varied experiences, which she developed via her artistic endeavors at esteemed universities such as the University of Colorado in Boulder and Sarah Lawrence College of Art in Lacoste, France, were reflected on her painting.

Her commitment to mixed-media work won hearts all throughout Louisiana, and she was featured in multiple exhibitions, showing her talent. In addition to her creative pursuits, Annie was a loving wife to Peter, valuing their relationship.

The calm was broken by a horrific incident that happened on the Louisiana Tech campus. One of the four people stabbed on that awful Monday morning was Annie Richardson.

At a moving vigil led by the Black Student Union, the Ruston community came together to show support for one another.

There are currently four counts of attempted second-degree murder and one case of second-degree murder against the defendant, 23-year-old Jacoby Johnson.

The terrifying attack at the Lambright Sports and Wellness Center, where Johnson attacked retired judge Cynthia Woodard, Richardson, and two other people as they were leaving, has details.

Colin Campbell, a sympathetic freshman at Tech, heard Richardson and Woodard’s calls in the midst of the turmoil and hurried to help them.

He drove them quickly to the hospital, explaining that Richardson had suffered a throat injury and was in severe condition as she was fading in and out of consciousness.

Richardson was evacuated to a hospital in Shreveport, while the other two victims were treated in Ruston.

The neighborhood was shocked to learn that Annie was the victim of mindless violence, and the authorities eventually proved that the attack was random.

Following this tragic event, Louisiana Tech offers group and individual counseling services to students. Furthermore, a blood drive on campus invites Ruston citizens to donate and demonstrate their sympathy for the victims.