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Angela McClelland Obituary News; Killed By Husband

Angela McClelland has reportedly passed away, who was said to be killed by husband, Tony McClelland, a Minnesota man, May the soul rest in peace.

The said killer husband has now been been arrested on murder charges in the hit-and-run death of his wife, weeks after the lifeless body of the mother of six was found dumped on the side of a road before dawn.

The 47 years old husband was arrested on Monday night in connection with the June incident that led to the death of his wife of more than a decade, Angela McClelland, 49.

The wife was reportedly found dead on June 25 near the intersection of Legend Road and Killian Road in Fort Ripley Township, where she lived with her husband.

The dead body which was found i said to have appeared to have been fatally struck by a vehicle, which apparently did not remain at the scene. So far, officials have remained silent on the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death.

After the dead body wsa found, the investigating unit started investigation for two weeks inorder to get to the root of the matter, which the husband, Tony McClelland was then arrested.

The killer husband was reportedly convicted of DUI in 2006 and served 90 days in jail. He was married to his dead wife on October 2011 at the world-famous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas and were “inseparable.”

Her loved one passed tribute to her, saying, “Angie especially loved spending quality time with Tony taking trips around that lake on her pontoon in the evenings,” the obituary read. The married mother was described as a “contradiction” who was sometimes “shy and quiet and at other times loud, eccentric and often the center of those who gathered around her”. “People naturally came to Angie,” May the soul rest in peace