*~❄We bear’s of soon golden We writer’s assiduously perceive No pain so Magical Our creative golden pen Be hold our worlds A production of our pen savor Our worlds for it cause u np pain✍????~*

* THANK YOU * _ Mom thanks to God (S.W.T) for giving me the ability to start enlightening the community through writing. May God’s peace and blessings be upon the best creation, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), his family and companions_

*WARNING*_ _This is a fictional story, I did not abuse anyone. The names are in it, from people to cities, everything is the same, I created it to entertain, enlighten, about the knowledge of reading. So please let me know if anyone has posted this article without my permission. Be careful._

*DEDICATION_* _I _dedicate this book to _Father YAYA My wife AUNTY _*AISHATU BABAYO* Mrs_ _Abubakar Yakubu_ _*(MASTER*) May God increase _the bond of love and_ _understanding each other_ _Azurtaku and Zuriah who are blessed._ _Amen__

*CONGRATULATIONS*_ _My parents are forever apart from you, I am proud of you, and I salute you for your hard work in educating me and protecting my life. May God bless you with Paradise._

*HOPE*_ _*GOLDEN PEN WRITERS ASSOCIATION* _I have nothing to offer you to accept me with both hands. I HOPE God unites our heads_ _give us wisdom and wisdom and we will continue to enlighten the Ummah. Good luck to BEELAT SARAUNIYA (the rest of the golden pine.) God bless you. the prince is safe, let’s go back to Shaku-Shaku._????????????????????‍♂

*CONDOLENCE_* _I offer my condolences to all the members of the Golden Pain Writers Association for the loss of my father. Mussaman Ummee Yusuf, may God bless my father and light his grave._

*PRAYER*_ _Mother of God, let the grave light up and wait for us (1/9/1437-6/6/2016). But of course you always seem to be here. May God forgive you of your sins._

_ With the acceptance of the Muslims who have come before us, the true home of the whole world. Amen_

*GAREKI_* _Good faith, I will not forget what you gave to Ummukhulsum Saeed. Mrs Idris Muhammad Bawa (Ummu Zahra) May God bless you and grant us the Hajj. I appreciate your prayers for me._

_The first time I take a pen and write, I will be very happy if I make a mistake and it is corrected in a good way. Because Human is imperfect._

_I am calling for school._

  _If you buy what is useful, ignore the burden._

          _Allah ???????? has blessed me with the ability to write things that will benefit the community. He challenged me to write something that would be a challenge for me. Amen_