ALKALINE Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Nabila Rabiu Zango

Alkaline is a Hausa novel written by Nabila Rabiu Zango. The novel is about a court case where two wives of Alhaji Bala are suing his bride Amina for pregnancy. The wives have confirmed that the pregnancy is not Alhaji’s. The case is presented by Brr. Ra’eez Mai Wada, a young lawyer with long hair who is new to the court. When he arrives at the court, his steps attract the attention of the people who are sitting there. Everyone is surprised to see a young man with long hair instead of a big man as they had expected.

Brr. Ra’eez Mai Wada greets his fellow lawyers and shakes hands with them. When he comes to the last person, the person does not let go of his hand, and Ra’eez looks up to see a big man who he thinks is older than him. The man introduces himself as Brr. Nuhu Bajinta, who is leading the case as Ra’eez’s opponent. Ra’eez introduces himself as the new lawyer for the case. They sit down and wait for the judge to arrive.

The judge arrives, and the court session begins. The clerk announces the case against Amina, and the judge asks Ra’eez to introduce himself. Ra’eez stands up and introduces himself as the lawyer representing Amina. Brr. Nuhu Bajinta begins to present his case, saying that Amina has not yet confessed to the crime she is accused of. He also says that she is not saying the name of the person who made her pregnant. Brr. Nuhu Bajinta suggests that Amina should open her mouth and tell the truth about the matter.

Ra’eez walks towards Amina and suggests that she should tell the truth about the matter. Brr. Nuhu Bajinta interrupts him, saying that a lawyer should not try to force the suspect. Ra’eez responds that Amina has the right to tell the truth about what she knows. The judge agrees and asks Amina to tell the truth.

Ra’eez asks Alhaji Kabir, the best friend of the deceased, some questions. Alhaji Kabir appears before the court and confirms that he and Alhaji Bala were childhood friends. He also confirms that Alhaji Bala had no friend other than him. Ra’eez asks Alhaji Kabir about his relationship with the deceased. Alhaji Kabir responds that their friendship went beyond friendship.

The court proceedings continue, and Brr. Nuhu Bajinta presents his case. Ra’eez cross-examines the witnesses and presents evidence that proves Amina’s innocence. The judge listens to both sides of the case and then makes a decision. The judge rules in favor of Amina and dismisses the case.

The novel Alkaline is an intriguing story that captivates readers’ attention with its suspenseful court case. The author, Nabila Rabiu Zango, skillfully weaves together a story that keeps the reader guessing until the end. The characters in the novel are well-developed and their personalities are well-portrayed. The dialogue in the novel is realistic and captures the essence of the Hausa language.

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