Alice Robson Death; Identified As Woman Found Dead Under Westmoreland County Porch- Investigation On-going

Westmoreland County is currently the subject of an investigation by the police. According to a member of the woman’s family, the body of the woman was discovered on Thursday under a back porch in St. Clair Township. This information was provided to Action News 4 in Pittsburgh.

Lyle Robson, the husband of Alice Robson, claims that his wife was discovered dead in the 200 block of Furnace Lane, beneath the back porch of their current residence. He asserts that he was informed by the authorities that she had been found on Thursday after having been found dead on Monday night with head injuries. What this indicates is that she has been missing for a minimum of three to four days.

A missing person’s complaint involving a local lady was received by law enforcement earlier this week, and an investigation into her whereabouts was initiated, according to information that was given by the office of the District Attorney for Westmoreland County.

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According to neighbors who live in the vicinity, they witnessed many police cars in the area on Thursday, as well as the body of Robson being brought out. On Friday, detectives from St. Clair Township and Westmoreland counties were present at the scene.

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