Alexandra Hope Kelly Obituary; 7-Year-Old Dies Playing With Birthday Balloons

After her seven-year-old daughter passed away early this month while interacting with her birthday balloons, a mother in Tennessee has offered a devastating warning to other parents.

On September 24, Clinton, Tennessee resident Alexandra Hope Kelly turned seven. Channa Kelly, Alexandra’s mother, claimed to have purchased roughly ten Roblox-themed latex balloons in addition to a 34-inch (about 86-centimeter) rainbow Mylar number seven balloon to mark the occasion. (Roblox is a well-liked children’s online game platform.)

Channa claimed that all of the balloons were helium-filled in a Facebook post.

A week after her birthday party on Oct. 1, Channa and Alexandra together popped the balloons.

“As a parent I was always aware of the choking hazard of latex balloons, but never imagined that there was such a risk regarding these very large Mylar helium filled balloons,” Channa wrote.

Channa claimed that she granted Alex’s request to pop the big number seven balloon.

Channa later discovered the Grade 1 pupil with the deflated balloon draped over her head appearing to be comatose.

Channa continued, “I never would have thought that she would have been able to put this balloon over her head. “I entered my bedroom without knowing this type of balloon could be dangerous. My kid was lying face down on the living room floor where I had left her when I quickly slept off.

Alexandra’s exact cause of death is not yet known, though Channa said she likely died as a result of either helium poisoning or suffocation. It will take several months to complete an autopsy.

“I hope by sharing our story that I can bring awareness and educate parents about the dangers of not only latex balloons but also Mylar balloons,” Channa explained in her post. “I hope and pray that this will prevent and save the life of other children. I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the pain and devastation that the loss of a child brings.”