Aleksey Avramenko Obituary News – Another Putin Ally Passed Away Suddenly At Age 47

Another ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has repoirtedly passed away at the age of 47, who wax known as Belarusian Minister of Transport and Communications. His death was said to be a mysterious one and whose cause of death remains unknown.

Aleksey Avramenko death was announced by the state news agency Belta, he is said to have died at the age of 47 and no cause of death is attributed to him. May his soul rest in peace.

Avramenko who is known as an ally of Putin was previously experiencing a series of sanctions relating to the controversial diversion of a plane carrying opposition journalist Roman Pratasevich in 2021 before his sudden death.

His death has become a major concern to many because it followed the death of foreign minister Vladimir Makei, who had previously condemned Putin’s use of Belarus as a staging area for the ongoing war against Ukraine.

Political figures are no longer in safe hands in the region any more the death of Putin’s ally stroke many by surprise.

He will be greatly missed by his loved ones and family. May they have the strength to the bear the lost and may his soul rest in peace. Please feel free to send. in your condolences.