AIKATAU NE SILA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Yesmeen Tafeesu

Aikatau Ne Sila is an enthralling Hausa love novel penned by Yesmeen Tafeesu, immersing readers in a tale of passion, turmoil, and personal growth. The story unfolds with a scene where a character’s actions have halted someone’s progress, comparing them to an insect being stopped in their tracks. The role of a research team becomes a subject of discussion, potentially linked to unraveling secrets and uncovering the truth. However, there is a conflict between loyalty and personal concerns as one character grapples with the idea of being friends with another.


Intense emotions emerge as the protagonist experiences physical pain, particularly in the stomach area, akin to a burning fire. The discomfort in her womb adds to her overall distress, highlighting the depth of her suffering.

The narrative then shifts to Balli Village, where Ardo takes on a nocturnal role while the townspeople follow him. Curiosity is piqued as the story hints at something happening inside Amira’s house, building anticipation and raising questions about hidden occurrences. The sound of knocking on a door heightens tension, leading to apprehension and fear as the characters wonder about the identity of the visitor.

A sense of conflict and accusation permeates the village, causing friction among the inhabitants. Allegations and suspicions arise, and the consequences of past actions become a point of contention. Relationships are strained, and questions of marriage and loyalty complicate matters further. Emotions run high, and one character’s anger escalates to the point of physical violence, indicating a tumultuous situation.

The narrative expands beyond the village, delving into the city of Amar and its lack of network connectivity. The divide between those who support Ardo’s behavior and those who oppose it becomes evident, with clashes erupting among the townspeople. The story poses the question of where this conflict will ultimately lead.

Amidst these tensions, a phone call interrupts the scene, capturing the attention of the guards near Amira’s house. The mention of Dagyar and the urgency of the situation adds suspense and intrigue to the unfolding events. The theme of fear resurfaces, emphasizing the impact of the characters’ actions on their children.

Intense emotions come to the forefront once again as a character hits the floor with force, causing a figure to lie down in distress. The story alludes to a stolen blood incident, adding a layer of mystery and potential danger. The characters engage in heated dialogue, questioning each other’s credibility and contemplating the consequences of their choices.

As the narrative progresses, a hospital visit becomes pivotal, with one character experiencing relief from a heart attack. The story teases at the complexities of identity, as Amira wonders about her own origins and the connection to her city. The anticipation builds as Amira prepares to return to her village and confront the realities of her past.

The story takes a tragic turn as a terrible accident interrupts the characters’ journey, leaving them shaken. The aftermath reveals a scene of bloodshed, with a beloved character lying lifeless. The shocking discovery sends shockwaves through the characters, amplifying their fear and prompting swift actions.

In the midst of chaos, a sense of separation emerges between two characters, with one experiencing a mixture of fire and rejection upon physical contact. The consequences of their actions and choices become apparent, leaving them to confront the aftermath and navigate their personal growth.

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