A TSAKANKANIN SOYAYYA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Aisha Muhammad Maman Shakur

A TSAKANKANIN SOYAYYA is a completed Hausa novel written by Aisha Muhammad Maman Shakur. Set in Northern Nigeria, it tells the story of a young woman named Aisha, who falls in love with a man named Aliyu. Their love story is one of passion and dedication, but it is also one that is threatened by societal expectations and familial obligations.

As the novel opens, we are transported to Laguna Beach, California, where a tall white man is out fishing on his boat. He is dressed in a brown shirt and a pair of short men’s shorts, with a red pcap on his head. He smiles as he casts his fishing rod into the water, clearly enjoying his time alone on the water.

But his peace is soon disturbed by the ringing of his mobile phone. It is his son calling, asking him where his bodyguards are. The man, whose name we learn is Aliyu, is clearly irritated by his son’s concern for his safety. He insists that he is old enough to take care of himself, and that Allah is the ultimate protector of all mankind.

But his father is not convinced. He tells Aliyu that he has hired bodyguards to protect him, and that he expects him to comply with their presence. Aliyu is clearly unhappy with this arrangement, but he knows that he cannot argue with his father.

As he walks back to the beach, he sees his two bodyguards waiting for him. They offer him a blanket to cover his body, but he brushes them off angrily. He is clearly frustrated with his father’s overprotectiveness, and he longs for the freedom to live his life on his own terms.

The story of Aisha and Aliyu’s love is woven throughout the novel, as we see them struggle to navigate the challenges of their relationship. They are from different backgrounds, and their families disapprove of their union. But their love is strong, and they are determined to make it work.

As the novel progresses, we see Aisha and Aliyu face one obstacle after another. They are forced to make difficult choices, and they must learn to trust each other in the face of adversity. But through it all, their love only grows stronger, and they emerge from their trials more committed to each other than ever before.

A TSAKANKANIN SOYAYYA is a beautifully written novel that captures the spirit of love and dedication. It is a story that will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds, and it is a testament to the power of love to overcome even the greatest of obstacles. Whether you are a fan of Hausa literature or simply love a good love story, this novel is not to be missed.

Description and Prolouge of A TSAKANKANIN SOYAYYA

Seeing that there was no Ammi in the courtyard, she got worried and quickly performed ablution and went straight to their room. She didn’t know what to say, she found a way to say something and said, “some children are saying that Yusuf is telling them, he went to the right, they didn’t see me, that’s why he came to our house to feel safe.” After taking the night medicine, she went to bed and prayed for Ammi and she got up and brought her delicious food and medicine. they continued to talk.

Baffa said goodbye and then he called Aneesa. “Fateema” got up, Aneesa quickly went to the living room and said, “Hello, Baffa.” He waved his hand to her and said, “Here you are, go and tell your mother, Alhaji, to come and fix it now, I will bring him in.” She smiled and said, “Tom.” She quickly ran into the room and ran to Ammi’s body. She said, “Ammi, Baffa said that you are gay.

Abba is coming to bring him in.” “Ashagabe was whispering to you and said, “I’m sorry, Ammi, please” she said, raising Ammin and holding her hand, Ammi stood up and said, “I’m looking for someone who is Aneesa.” Ammi was dancing and opening the sip of Ammi’s mouth, and Ammi said, “Are you okay, Aneesa? I’m going to wear the heavy leash tonight?” Aneesa looked at the lace and smiled and said, “That’s right, Ammi. I’m happy. I don’t know what I’m doing.” Ammi went back to the sip and continued to prepare, a mustard hijab with a cap matching the long shirt, Ammi put on the clothes and quickly went in front of the pink mirror and took the lipstick and lip balm, Ammi looked at her.

 Aneesa looked like she was going to cry and say “I am God for you” Ammi was silent, she couldn’t help it. They were dressed like this, when they were greeted by their father, Aneesa said, “Put off the hijab, let me go and greet them” and she went out quickly. Baffa came in with Daddy, and the smell was spreading. He picked her up and smiled and said, “Abba, good morning.” He said cheerfully, “My daughter has indeed recovered, thank God, I am happy, what is your body?” “Alhamdulillah, I feel better, Abba, sit down,” he said after sitting for a long time, saying Bismillah, Baffa said, “Go call Mom and let her take the children and come to you in the courtyard.” She nodded and quickly went to Ammi’s room.

she is very beautiful like a new bride, she jumps up and claps on Ammi’s body, she laughs, Salat Ammi says, “Thank God, Oh God, you have promised me, don’t break me before tomorrow morning, Aneesa” she giggled and said, “Ammi is so sweet I said, Baffa said go, I’m going to sleep, Ammi, I think you’re very sweet.” When Ammi raised her hand to give you her hand, she got up and left the room smiling. Dady said, “No, I’m fine.” She quickly came in front of him and opened her mouth and said, “No, Abba, I’m sorry.” You will eat our bones for us” they all laughed, Aneesa or Baffa went out to the courtyard after them and sat on the mat talking and drinking.

Saida Ammi heard them go out and she got up very slowly, she was ashamed of how Aneesa looked like a little girl. He put his hand on Dadduman’s head and said, “Please sit here, Rukayya.” She raised her head and they made eye contact with Dady, who nodded her head. He did this, so she slowly came to Dadduman’s place and sat down where he was pointing her closer to him, but there was a gap between them.

Dady looked at her with a low voice and said, “You are very beautiful, Rukayya.” Ammi spoke a little and said with a low voice, “Welcome, it’s been a day, I’m working.” I want to see those white eyes of yours that calm the heart of Muhammad Ibrahim” a kind of shy words made Ammi slowly raise her eyes that were full of tears and fixed on Dady, before he opened them slowly and looked down at the ground. He said, “Thank you, sir.” Aneesa said goodbye and stood at the door, waiting for permission to come in. Ammi slowly said, “Come in.” With a small bowl containing water for washing hands, Eva’s water was cold. Dad didn’t drink water. She grabbed the tray and said, “Abba, here’s your food. Ammi, I’m cooking, are you going to eat?” He quickly looked at Aneesan’s face and asked her. smiling and loving the girl, he said, “Well, since Ammi cooks, I have to eat the side dish as well.” Aneesa smiled and stole a look at Ammi, giving her a smile as she left the room and went to Baffa’s place.

Looking at Ammi Baffa, he was full of love and slowly said, “Thank you for your generosity, especially the way you cook. I have to eat the food of my eyes.” Ammi smiled and raised her hand to pull his serving tray. She has lost her temper and is like a man who kills her heart with his words.


Dady was sitting facing Ammi who was playing with her fingers like Aneesa was doing, he slowly said “I love you so much Rukayya because I see myself when I see you, I am coming to you with two important things I want from you” Ammi said quietly. She was very calm because of the way he looked at her, and the words he said meant something to her, he said with a sigh, “Rukayya, I don’t want to spoil our life, we always lie and cheat. I want a married life of trust, love and mercy. It’s okay for you to see my house, not my wife’s place, I won’t lie to you, my wife, but slowly, but slowly, no matter what they do to you, you don’t live with them.

“He was quiet before he said slowly, “then talk to me, my son Aliyu is twenty-nine years old now, his mother raised them even before he was born, I want to marry him and Aneesa. I’m not in the house, I said, he’s not doing anything, he doesn’t make any noise, you’ll see him, he doesn’t fight, he doesn’t talk, I want to tell you everything, I told him Rukayya, are you his mother? hope I’m not too busy?” Ammi said with a smile, “At least, it’s mine, you’re not involved in work, and I’m grateful for the position you promised me, I’ll take care of it, you’ll never find me cruel or treacherous, I accept it, I accept it.” Aliyu with both hands, may God go ahead of us.” “Ameen” Dady said, feeling a kind of love for Ammi.

They were all silent and looked at each other. Ammi started breaking her gaze and showed me the tray and said, “Your food will help you eat, son of God.” Dady smiled and said, “Where will I be able to eat without food? The day I will have Rukayya as my wife, not the mother of my two children, Aliyu and Aneesa.” Ammi looked at him with a kind of cute smile, in a kind voice Daddy said, “my eyes are filled with the small parts of your cool looking princess” and Ammi looked at her, he slowly said, “when are you going to let me own you and own me?” Ammi slowly said, “You’re welcome, Sir.” Dady said, “Today is Wednesday.” Ammi nodded, smiled and said, “I want to get married on Friday after coming from the mosque. I can give you two days or a week.” Ammi smiled and said, “That’s okay, God has blessed me in it.” Daddy blinked and opened his eyes and said, “I love you so much, Rukayya,” he said slowly, looking at Ammi as if he was waiting. She said something to him with a big smile. Ammi raised her hand to pick up the bag of food and tried to open it slowly.

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