A RUWAN SAMA KADDARA TA SAMENI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Khadija Khadil

A RUWAN SAMA KADDARA TA SAMENI is a completed Hausa novel written by Nana Khadil, which tells a story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness in the context of Nigerian culture. The novel follows the story of Abdulmajeed, a young man who moves to Jos to do his national service, leaving his family behind in search of a better life. However, things take a turn for the worse when Abdulmajeed falls in love with a woman who is already married.

The novel portrays the challenges faced by Nigerian youth who are seeking to improve their lives, but are confronted by societal expectations, family pressures, and cultural traditions. The author skillfully blends the Hausa language and culture with universal themes of love, faith, and morality, making the novel appealing to a wide range of readers.

One of the central themes of the novel is the power of love to overcome all obstacles. Abdulmajeed falls in love with a woman who is already married, and he faces immense pressure from his family and society to end the relationship. However, he persists in his love, despite the risks and consequences.

Another theme that the novel explores is the importance of forgiveness and redemption. Abdulmajeed’s love for the married woman leads him to commit a grave sin, and he struggles with guilt and shame. However, he eventually seeks redemption and forgiveness through prayer and repentance.

The novel also sheds light on the challenges faced by women in Nigerian society, particularly in the context of marriage. The married woman whom Abdulmajeed falls in love with is trapped in a loveless and abusive marriage, and she struggles to find a way out. The novel portrays the difficulties faced by women who are trapped in such situations and the courage required to break free.

Description and Prolouge of A RUWAN SAMA KADDARA TA SAMENI

Abdulmajeed, they are all in Nigeria, where they closed the service, but after that, no one knows where we are, we don’t have any family there. The one who is beautiful is not white and he is not black, but there is a light that you are looking at the bottom of the mind, and he is grateful for the one who is beautiful, his nose is straight and stays on his face, but he has to look for a long time before he raises his eyes, not small and not big. I have already told you that I want to go to Jos to do service because of the way some people are talking about the weather in the city. May Allah accept my son, he doesn’t want you to be far away from him because you see Abdulkareem, he lost his pride, but I don’t know why I love you…
I’m running away from the man, but he seems to be angry every day, it’s been five months since we’ve been married, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You’ve done it right. It was an accident, I was resting, daddy was waiting for me to go out and get married, but this wizard, all the things I admire him for, his work is just a temptation.
He ran to his car as if he was going to fly up, which made him scared and said, “You’re going to kill me and take a different road, son of God, I don’t know if I’m going to get off or pay attention.” The outsider saw the darkness of the water and the water as if he was on the edge of the water. She was crying and begging him but I didn’t hear anything except calling my mother’s name and God, but I was telling him to pay for his needs with her. She couldn’t move as if she was dead. When she heard this news, she was in pain. She was sick and in pain. She wanted to take care of herself. So even though she couldn’t move, she lay on the floor in agony. He left his body suite and left his car. He drove forward but his mind was not his body. He said today, I am committing adultery. I don’t know what God is doing. I am going to enter the three. Today, a woman came to me and asked me to do a lot of things. He told me that he did nothing except salat. It is the power of God to kill him. I don’t know what he’s doing…..

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