A DUNIYAR MU Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mrs BB

A DUNIYAR MU is a captivating novel written by Mrs BB, which tells the story of a young Hausa girl named Ayshat Abbakar, also known as Shukrah. The novel takes readers on a journey through Shukrah’s life, from her childhood in Jaa, a small village in Nigeria, to her adulthood in Kaduna, where she works as a guard for a wealthy businessman.

The novel begins with the tragic fire that destroyed Jaa, killing many of its residents, including Shukrah’s family. Shukrah’s parents were lucky to have survived, but they lost everything they had. They moved to Kaduna to start a new life, where they had three daughters, including Shukrah.

Shukrah is depicted as a strong, resilient, and determined young woman who is determined to make something of herself despite the challenges she faces. She is intelligent and hardworking, and she takes her education seriously, even though she has to balance it with her job as a guard.

As the story progresses, Shukrah faces numerous challenges, including discrimination based on her gender, religion, and ethnicity. However, she refuses to let these challenges hold her back, and she continues to work hard to achieve her dreams.

The novel also explores the themes of friendship, love, and loyalty. Shukrah has two close friends, Meenah and Reeha, who have been with her since childhood. They are her confidants and support system, and they help her navigate the challenges of her life.

One of the most striking aspects of the novel is the vivid description of the Hausa culture and way of life. The author paints a detailed picture of the traditional Hausa dress, food, and customs, and readers can easily imagine themselves in the midst of this rich and vibrant culture.

Description and Prolouge of A DUNIYAR MU

*S*my name is Ayshat Abbakar but since I was young I was called Shukrah after I grew up some of my nicknames are *A2*.+

My father and mother are originally from a small village named Jaa.

A fire caught their village one night. Only a few of the people who came out of the village alive, including my parents, lost everyone in the fire.

In Kaduna, they stayed at the place of a friend of my father’s and he got them a house to rent and work as a guard for my father here near the house of a big businessman in the area.

They were nine years old when they had three children, all women.

I am *ayshat* nice girl,

Then *mufeeda* is following me, there is six years between us and our wife *ameerah* is breastfeeding.

The year of Ameerah ‘daya adunya may God bless our father’s death.

He was born into a two-faced life with the lack of privilege and fear of the life I found myself in.

My life has no name,

She is taking lessons, surprisingly, Dana knows with a lot of love.

She was silent because her body was white and cold looking at the three journalists sitting in front of her, one recording and two writing.

Reminiscing about a time in the past, she had a pained smile and the journalists asked her another question.

Looking at the questioner, she was very quick, she was shocked by the forest of the question and reached out quickly to reach the place in a hurry.

If he doesn’t know Wanda, he will take the competition she is doing because of the way she breaks her body and turns despite the painful heels on her feet.

Her bodyguards quickly backed her up.

She opened the door and took her clothes directly from the garden, she went as fast as she could, suppressing the tears that were trying to fall down her face.

Two soldiers quickly opened the door for her and she entered.

When she entered the room, her employees who were in the polo service rushed to the ground and greeted her back, but she didn’t even look at them and she ran upstairs because she was crying all the time.



She was wearing a mini skirt and the length of her thigh was sitting high on her plump hips.

She wore a white mini skirt and a thin blue chain was tied from the top.

Then Riga blue color chain with one arm that looks like there is no sbd sarantakara.

The heels are very expensive and expensive and her hair is flowing down to her back and it is shiny because of the makeup.

She is very beautiful and has a beautiful face.

The truth is, you can’t look and say that a Muslim is not a Hausa Fulani.

Cikeda looked like a liar with a move that caught the attention of everyone watching her, she went to the door of the main bct club and entered her two friends who backed her into their abominable entrance.

One’s name is Meenah Abdul Ganiyu, one is the deputy governor.

Her second name is Raheena, she is also the second daughter of the former governor.

They entered and went to their permanent place of residence and sat down.

A large tray containing expensive bottles of alcohol was brought and lined up for them, which is always like this because Meena and she are the only ones who drink beer in them.

Reena stretched out and danced.

A2 had to adjust her sitting position with her legs crossed to increase the cost of her phone.

It’s been four hours since they arrived there.

The little one took her son and hated waiting and wasting time.

She turned her gaze to Meena who was beside her at the window and she was drinking a bottle of water with her eyes closed.

Tsaki kept looking at the window for the time when morning was coming but he didn’t come

She picked up her phone and pressed call, and she said,

         Aunty Kubby wllh the guys are not coming here and I know I hate waiting because I want to make an appointment early tomorrow because I want to go to momma’s place in the morning. Easy A2. Manga will pay for your exam fees and your mother’s homework, so check the things you will see and everything you will see while doing this task and know that you are the only one who can do it. .+

She turned off her phone and stopped listening to the rest of the long conversation.

She walked in and threw the phone on the table in front of her.

Since she was looking at the time, she didn’t stop.

When the morning prayer was called, she started chanting and stood up, took her phone and car keys, turned to Meenah’s window, and asked Takira Reeha on the phone.

       Come out and grab me. Meet me in the car. If you stop, I will go.

She was getting into the car and they were coming out. When she finished closing the car, Reeha didn’t want Shukrah to get out of the car and run away.

If they are just used to driving with gratitude because they don’t drive slowly, they will run slowly.

She doesn’t drive at all, she doesn’t want to waste her time in a hurry.

Shukrah doesn’t make a lot of noise and talk a lot, but finally, despite the debts of the father, they know that he must be very rich because the cars are expensive and expensive.

Meena and Reeha are friends since primary school

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