Rosario Ramdhan Death; Identified As Innocent Bystander Killed After Man Shoots Ex-Wife Then Commits Suicide

In the midst of the bustle that occurred in the middle of the morning, Sharaz Ageemoolar entered the office of an insurance firm in San Fernando. He then proceeded to shoot his ex-wife, Anissa Rajgobin-Ageemoolar, twice. After evading the police and sneaking away from the scene of his crime, he then committed himself.

Rosario Ramdhan, a 24-year-old native of Springvale, Claxton Bay, who wanted to migrate from Trinidad and Tobago with his girlfriend, was slain by Sharaz, who had hijacked a car outside of the Cross Crossing Shopping Centre and killed an innocent bystander.

Sharaz then committed suicide.
It was discovered that Sharaz had passed away at Arjoonsingh Drive in La Romain last night. According to reports, he took his own life in the vehicle that he had stolen.

Each of the couple’s sons is in their 20s, and they have two boys together.

Rajbobin-Ageemoolar is still being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital, where her condition is considered to be stable.

The catastrophe began at ten o’clock in the morning, according to the investigators, when Rajgobin-Ageemoolar, who was 47 years old at the time, went to General Accident Insurance at the Cross Crossing Shopping Centre to conduct business.

She was reportedly followed into the office by her ex-husband, who then requested to talk to her outside of the building. He fired two rounds at her, striking her in the chest, after she failed to comply with his compulsion.

After that, he made his escape toward the exterior and proceeded to enter a white Tiida that belonged to Kenton Moses that was parked outside.

When Ramdhan, who was connected to Moses, was sitting in the back seat of the Tiida, he observed Sharaz as he was leaving the workplace. Sharaz was heading in the opposite direction. According to the police, Moses was the one who raced up to Sharaz when he was inside the insurance office and attempted to grab him. On the other hand, Sharaz opened fire, and Ramdhan was the one who survived.

Ramdhan, who was bleeding severely, attempted to flee the scene and stumbled along the street in an attempt to avoid being hit by other gunshots. He was around fifty feet away when he dropped face down on the road and subsequently passed away.