Betty Reed Death; Missing Woman Found Dead Near U.S. 23

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, the body of a lady who had been reported missing earlier was discovered close to a roadway in Washtenaw County.

According to Derrick Jackson, a spokesperson for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, the corpse of Betty Reed, a 78-year-old lady from Ypsilanti, was discovered in the Milan area at Carpenter Road and U.S. 23 at approximately three o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 21.

On Sunday, November 19, at approximately noon, Reed was last seen at her residence. She had been reported missing to the authorities at that time. It was established by the investigators that she had also been observed in the vicinity of Milan and York Township, where she had stopped many times and inquired about the directions.

Around nine o’clock on the evening of November 20, the police issued a request for the public’s assistance in identifying Reed through the use of social media.

Jackson claims that a farmer in the vicinity discovered Reed’s vehicle, which was located off the roadway at the time Jackson made the discovery.

“It appears that she drove off the roadway, entered a wooded area, the vehicle became stuck, she got out of the vehicle and wandered off, and she ended up collapsing in a field,” Jackson said. “It appears that she was driving around in a circle.”

On November 21st, at approximately 11:30 a.m., the area was shut off. There is no indication as to when it will reopen.

According to Jackson, the police are not seeing the death as suspicious in their investigation.

According to a statement posted on social media by the sheriff’s office, Reed’s dog, Cali, was remaining at her side when the cops arrived. Reuniting the dog with Reed’s family is going to take place.

“It’s a very sad and unfortunate situation,” Jackson had to say about the matter.