Alfred Potvin Obituary; Ontario, Mississippi Laments Local Visionary And Philanthropist’s Demise.

Al Potvin passed away quietly at Almonte General Hospital on November 19, 2023, surrounded by his devoted family, following a protracted and valiant fight. The town of Mississippi Mills is grieving over his passing. Al passed away on March 12, 1935, committed to his family, his business, and the advancement of his community.

Al and Barbara Potvin enjoyed a fruitful business partnership following their 47-year marriage. Al was a devoted husband and parent, and Barbara was a devoted mother. Al grew close to Shirley Deugo following Barbara’s death. They succeeded in building a blended family that reflects Al’s caring personality. After graduating from Ryerson University, Al worked at Bell Northern Research and Atomic Energy of Canada. When he and Barbara founded Hilan Creative Playstructures, a business that had a major impact on the neighborhood for more than 25 years, they took a chance.

Al was successful in business, but he also participated in community organizations and worked hard on side projects that made his neighbors’ lives better.

He was so kind that he supported local charities, events, and artists. Al’s commitment to the children of Mississippi Mills ultimately resulted in the establishment of the Al Potvin Family Foundation. Al was a loving family man who gave his kids and grandkids plenty of opportunities to learn about education, tenacity, and respect for the natural world.

His family will always appreciate the memories of their camping trips, ski trips, and special family times. Al Potvin’s impact went much beyond those in his close personal network and his coworkers at Mississippi Mills. His friends, colleagues, and the community at large have all expressed gratitude and sadness at his passing.